Ethics in politics

Book - 2024

"Given their positions as representatives of the public, people tend to believe that elected officials and other politicians should be held to a high ethical standard. However, certain issues have raised concerns about whether politicians are truly acting in the public's best interest. This volume considers a number of ethical questions in the political sphere, including whether it is ethical for politicians to be influenced by corporations and organizations through lobbying and political donations, whether politicians should be able to financially benefit from their position, and the extent to which dishonesty has or has not become a significant issue in politics." --

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Buffalo, NY : Greenhaven Publishing 2024.
First edition
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Opposing Viewpoints (Spring 2024)
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176 pages ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction
  • Does Citizens United encourage unethical political donations? The Citizens United decision changed political spending / Nick Bentley
  • The Citizens United decision has negatively affected American politics / Taylor Lincoln
  • Defending Citizens United / Anthony Dick
  • The Citizens United decision has made campaign finance abuse rampant / Georgia Lyon
  • Should public servants be able to use their positions for financial gain? Donations to philanthropic foundations run by politicians fall into ethical grey area / Archie B. Carroll
  • Why insider trading by lawmakers is a problem / Alexander Kurov and Marketa Wolfe
  • Running for President was the most lucrative thing Bernie Sanders has ever done / Michael Kruse
  • Campaign contributions can compromise judicial decisions / Thomas E. McClure
  • Has dishonesty from politicians gone too far? Leaders often ethically lose their way / Bill George
  • Voters prize honesty above all else in their leaders / Alan Renwick
  • All presidents lie, but how and why they lie determines their reputation / Michael Blake
  • Government lying is commonplace--and dangerous / David Luban
  • How politicians delegitimize the truth / Vittorio Bufacchi
  • Is political lobbying an ethical system? Big data gives the wealthy and powerful more ability to lobby politicians / Phil Parvin
  • Lobbyists can play a crucial role in helping to meet climate change goals / Rory Sullivan, Robert Black, Richard Perkins, and Clare Richards
  • Not enough is known about how local and state governments lobby Washington / Jennifer M. Jensen
  • Lobbying can make democracy work better / Alberto Bitonti
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  • Organizations to contact.