Artificial intelligence

Book - 2024

"Over the past decade alone, artificial intelligence (AI) has become exponentially more sophisticated. Many applications of AI in our daily lives go practically unnoticed, from navigation applications to online shopping algorithms. However, new developments in the field have raised concerns about the role AI should have in society. AI-fueled chatbots and art generators have caused some to question whether artificial intelligence is capable of consciousness and, if so, what that would mean for humanity. Some also consider the intensive data collection that is required for AI to operate a potentially serious violation of privacy, while others argue that AI is an important tool in helping solve numerous societal issues. This volume the current debate over artificial intelligence from a wide range of perspectives." --

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Buffalo, NY : Greenhaven Publishing 2024.
First edition
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Opposing Viewpoints (Spring 2024)
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176 pages ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Introduction
  • Does AI pose an existential risk for humanity? Artificial intelligence could lead to extinction of humanity / Chris Vallance
  • AI can help solve environmental challenges that threaten life on earth / United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • Tech is just a tool / Emily A. Vogels, Lee Rainie, and Janna Anderson
  • Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize health care / Angela Spatharou, Solveigh Hieronimus, and Jonathan Jenkins
  • An AI pioneer warns of the dangers of AI development / Zoe Kleinman and Chris Vallance
  • Can AI be trusted? / Mark Bailey
  • Is AI conscious, or will it soon become conscious? ChatGPT can't think / Philip Goff
  • Will artificial intelligence become conscious? / Subhash Kak
  • AI sentience is still the stuff of sci-fi / Nir Eisikovits
  • Give AI empathy and ethics and it will benefit, not endanger, humans / Arshin Adib-Moghaddam
  • AI will never be truly conscious / Subhash Kak
  • The concept of consciousness is important to ethical debates about AI / Elisabeth Hildt
  • Should governments regulate or temporarily pause AI research? We need to pause AI research / Laurie Clarke
  • How Congress can regulate AI / Anjana Susarla
  • AI has the potential to quickly change the global military power balance / James Johnson
  • The government should never get involved with AI development / Robin Mitchell
  • Regulating AI will be difficult, but we must get it right / S. Shyam Sundar, Cason Schmit, and John Villasenor
  • AI must be regulated for the public good / Tim Juvshik
  • Can AI become less biased? AI will be biased as long as the field is mostly white and mostly male / John MacCormick
  • AI is not just racist and sexist; it's ageist too / Charlene Chu, Kathleen Leslie, Rune Nyrup, and Shehroz Khan
  • Biased AI in the legal system could change the face of justice / Morgiane Noel
  • To reduce bias in AI, we need to understand how it got that way / Tobias Baer and Vishnu Kamalnath
  • AI in health care poses a threat if biases are left unchecked / Hammaad Adam, Aparna Balagopalan, Emily Alsentzer, Fotini Christia, and Marzyeh Ghassemi
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