Self-care for Latinas 100+ ways to prioritize & rejuvenate your mind, body, & spirit

Raquel Reichard

Book - 2023

"Between micro- and macro-aggressions at school, the workplace, and even the grocery store, a constant news cycle highlighting Latine trauma, and a general lack of resources for women of color, it's tough to be a Latina woman and prioritize your wellness, both physically and mentally. With Self-Care for Latinas, you'll find 150 exercises to radically choose to put yourself first. Whether you need a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day, you're working through feelings of burnout, or you need to process a microaggression, this book is for you. In a world that works to devalue Latinas, it's time to make the radical decision to prioritize you: your life, your joy, and your self-care"--

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New York : Adams Media 2023.
Main Author
Raquel Reichard (author)
First Adams Media hardcover edition
Physical Description
191 pages : color illustrations ; 19 cm
Includes index.
  • Introduction
  • Letter to the Reader
  • Why Latinas Must Practice Self-Care
  • The Reasons Self-Care Is So Important
  • How and When to Practice Self-Care
  • You Deserve Tender, Revolutionary Self-Care
  • Part 1. Mind
  • Destigmatize Mental Health
  • Release the Guilt That Comes with Self-Care
  • Shed Your Scarcity Mindset
  • Breathe In and Exhale
  • Resist Perfectionism
  • Unlearn the Lies Marianismo Taught You
  • Make Decisions for Yourself-Not Anyone Else
  • Work Through Religious Trauma
  • Talk to Yourself Like a Homeboy from the Homeland
  • Turn Reggaetón Lyrics Into Affirmations-and Repeat Them to Yourself
  • Stop Comparing Yourself to Others
  • Heal Your Inner Child
  • Take Your Time with Grief
  • Phone a Friend for Validation
  • Feel All Your Emotions
  • Don't Get Caught Up with Bochinche
  • Validate Your Resilience Fatigue
  • Set Boundaries and Honor Them
  • Stop Making Yourself Smaller
  • Let Go of Impostor Syndrome
  • Say No
  • Be Flexible and Open to Change
  • Ignore the Mean Girl in Your Head
  • Heal or Sever Complicated Relationships
  • Stop Judging Yourself
  • Trust Yourself
  • Journal to Process Your Feelings
  • Take a Social Media Break
  • Stop Consuming Media That Makes You Feel Bad about Yourself
  • End the Cycle of Generational Trauma
  • Don't Internalize Stereotypes
  • Embrace Nuance
  • Do a Grounding Practice That Works for You
  • Join a Support Group
  • Find a Latina Therapist
  • Part 2. Body
  • Dance to Release Trauma
  • Ask for a Hug (or Hug Yourself)
  • Get a Massage
  • Stretch Every Morning
  • Learn to Listen to What Your Body Is Communicating to You
  • Find a Doctor Who's Right for You
  • Suck It Up and Do Preventive Tests
  • Start a Bedtime Routine to Improve Your Sleep
  • Cook One of Abuelita's Recipes
  • Learn Your Cultural Folkloric Dances
  • Adorn Yourself in Your Culture's Traditional Garbs
  • Don't Skip Meals or Count Calories
  • Eat More Plantitas
  • Drink More Water
  • Remember That Bodies Change
  • Buy Clothes That Make You Feel Good in the Body You Have Right Now
  • Start a Facial Skincare Routine
  • Prioritize Solo Sex
  • Ask for What You Want in Bed During Partnered Sex
  • Practice Safe Sex
  • Take a Warm Bath
  • Enjoy a Warm Tea
  • Go on a Hike
  • Moisturize Your Skin
  • Take the Plunge
  • Get Your Nails Done
  • Go to the Hair Salon
  • Start a Haircare Routine
  • Wear Sunscreen
  • Try a New Latin American or Caribbean Restaurant Once a Month
  • Rebuild Your Relationship with Cultural Foods
  • Floss Your Teeth
  • Work Standing Up
  • Advocate for Your Health
  • Reclaim Your Bodily Autonomy
  • Part 3. Spirit
  • Embark on Your Señora Era
  • Clean Your Space While Dancing to Your Favorite Songs
  • Take a Trip to Your Ancestral Land
  • Visit La Playita
  • Create a Playlist with Natural Sounds That Remind You of Home
  • Help Teach English to a New Migrant
  • Acknowledge the Land You Occupy
  • Build an Altar
  • Maintain Your Relationships with Loved Ones Who Have Passed Away
  • Find a New Hobby
  • Observe Seasonal Changes
  • Pray
  • Hold a Funeral for Your Past Self
  • Nurture Your Green Thumb
  • Revitalize Your Spirit with Childlike Play
  • Support Latine-Owned Businesses
  • Call Your Loved Ones Who Live Abroad
  • (Re)learn Your Mother Tongue
  • Excavate Your Family History
  • Discover the Heroines of Your Homeland
  • Support Causes You Care About
  • Find Community
  • Nurture Your Relationship with Your Higher Power
  • Date Yourself
  • Hang with Your Homegirls
  • Embrace Your Accent
  • Correct the Mispronunciation of Your Name
  • Look at Yourself Through Decolonized Eyes
  • Go to a Concert or Music Festival
  • Enjoy Latine Entertainment and Art
  • Learn How to Listen to Your Intuition
  • Broaden Your Horizons with Travel
  • Leave a Job You Hate
  • Lighten Your Spirit with Laughter
  • Light a Scented Candle
  • Index