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"In recent years, high profile whistleblowers like the NSA's Edward Snowden and Facebook's Frances Haugen have stirred up plenty of controversy, forcing Americans to judge whether these people are heroes or traitors. What causes some people to make the difficult step of blowing the whistle, and should they be rewarded or punished? Should they be protected from the repercussions of powerful corporations, police forces, and governments? The diverse viewpoints in this resource use a wide array of contemporary examples to examine this complex issue"--

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Informational works
Buffalo, NY : Greenhaven Publishing 2024.
First edition
Physical Description
173 pages ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • The importance of opposing viewpoints
  • Introduction
  • Do whisleblower rewards work? : The U.S. government reqards whistleblowers / Jason Zuckerman and Matthew Stock ; Whistleblowing works around the globe / National Whistleblower Center ; Whistleblower payments are well worth the expenditure / Stephen M. Kohn ; Law firms have a fiscal interest in maintaining high whistleblower rewards / Mike Delikat and Renee Phillips ; Whistleblowers can help enact reform / Reuben A. Guttman
  • Should whistleblowers be protected? : Calling whistleblowers "leakers" erodes their rights / Dana Gold ; Leakers need to protect themselves / WildLeaks ; OSHA's whistleblower protection program helps protect those in need / Occupational Safety and Health Administration ; Corrupt Whistleblowers should not be protected / Alan A. Cavaiola
  • Should police officers break the code of silence and blow the whistle? : Corrupt police departments are in desperate need of an overhaul / William Dudley Bass ; There are consequences when officers speak up / Michel Martin ; Police whistleblowers put themselves in jeopardy / Isidoro Rodriguez ; Police whistleblower retaliation is real / Christopher Brown ; Video evidence helps break through the code of silence / Rosie Parry and Jean-Pierre Benőt ; The code of silence is a necessity in police work / Larry Casey
  • Are government whistleblowers heroes or traitors? : Differentiating whistleblowers from spies / Marc Favreau ; Whistleblowing and the importance of going public / Christopher J. Coyne ; Exposing government corruption can be professional martyrdom / Steven Aftergood ; Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reject use of the Espionage Act to arrest whistleblowers / Ryan Grim ; Edward Snowden deserves a fair trial / Caroline Byrne ; Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning are flawed, and perhaps traitorous, whistleblowers / Hudson Institute
  • For further discussion
  • Organizations to contact.