The Middle Ages

Michael Burgan

Book - 2023

"The Middle Ages come to life in this latest installment in the hit Weird But True Know-It-All series, featuring stories of legendary rulers, epic castles, menacing weaponry, and more!Vikings are known for being fierce warriors. But did you know that they used tug-of-war to train for battle-and that the losing team got pulled into a pit of fire? Europe was ravaged by the plague during the Middle Ages. But did you know that one proposed cure from Medieval doctors was a concoction with a special secret ingredient: "dragons' blood"! Go beyond the Middle Ages of Europe to explore great empires around the globe, including Ottoman, Shona, Aztec, and the Song Dynasty. From Joan of Arc to Genghis Khan, incredible inventions to e...yebrow-raising Medieval medicines, you'll know it all by the time you finish this book. Packed with important historical information along with the wackiest and weirdest facts ever about the Middle Ages!"--

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Washington, DC : National Geographic Partners, LLC [2023]
Main Author
Michael Burgan (author)
Other Authors
Carmen (Illustrator) Sanchez (illustrator)
Item Description
Includes index.
Physical Description
192 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps ; 24 cm
Ages 8-12
Grades 4-6
  • Welcome to the Middle Ages!
  • Are you a Middle Ages Ace?
  • The Roman Empire
  • End of an Empire
  • Go East, Young Roman
  • Spotlight: Monastic Life
  • How to Create an Illustrated Manuscript
  • The Power Couple of the East
  • A Competing Empire
  • Spotlight: The Silk Road
  • The Prophet for a New Religion
  • The Rise of Islam
  • A New Western Power
  • Charlemagne and the Spread of Christianity
  • Spotlight: Farming
  • Victorious Vikings
  • The Viking World
  • Bury Interesting Graves
  • My, My, Maya
  • The Wonders of Chichén Itzá
  • Major Mounds
  • Spotlight: In the Mood for Food
  • Life in the Desert
  • The Land of Gold
  • Find Your Place in Medieval Europe
  • Know Your Social Ranks
  • Shoguns and Samurai
  • The Samuright Stuff
  • An Indian Empire
  • Rah Rah for Rajaraja
  • Strong Song
  • Spotlight: Song Smarts
  • A World of Beliefs
  • The Crusades
  • Crusaders in Control
  • What to Wear to War
  • A Crusading Family
  • Special Orders
  • Spotlight: Sacred Sites
  • Inside and Outside Notre Dame
  • Know Your Medieval Warfare
  • Defender of Islam
  • Islam's Impact
  • Spotlight: Great Muslim Thinkers
  • Barons versus a King
  • Tournament Time
  • A Khan-Fident Ruler
  • One Becomes Four
  • Greatest of the Great
  • Spotlight: A Look at Books
  • Second to Nun
  • School's In
  • Let's Eat!
  • Housin' Around
  • Clothes Minded
  • How to be a Medieval Kid
  • City Life in Western Europe
  • The Deadliest Disease
  • Dealing with Death
  • Know Your Home Remedies
  • Spotlight: Workin' for a Living
  • Nobody's Fool
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Spotlight: Legends and Lore
  • Explore a Medieval Castle
  • Who Lived Where
  • A Great Golden Kingdom
  • Made in the Trade
  • A Trip to the Fair
  • How to Tell Time
  • All about the Aztec
  • An Inca-Redible Empire
  • Spotlight: The Heart of Art
  • War without End
  • Joan Jumps In
  • Spotlight: Do the Crime, Do the Time
  • Spotlight: Myths, Magic, and Monsters
  • Tale Me More
  • Spotlight: Making Beautiful Music
  • A Turkish Empire
  • The World at the End of the Middle Ages
  • A New Age
  • Glossary
  • Interview: Peter Brown
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Index
  • Photo Credits
  • Credits