Sort of super

Eric Gapstur

Book - 2022

"When a series of accidents gives eleven-year-old Wyatt Flynn superpowers, he wants nothing more than to be a superhero. But he's not very good at using his powers, and what's worse, his dad says he's too young to be a superhero and all. So when his brilliant but mischievous little sister, Adeline, lets him in on the secret that what their father doesn't know won't hurt him, they form a crime-fighting due of their own, solving all kinds of problems that come their way ... sort of. The more they learn to be heroes, the clearer it becomes that there's more to Wyatt's powers and Adeline's off-the-charts intelligence than meets the eye. And Adeline can't shake the feeling it's all connected... to the disappearance of their mother years before ... which is one mystery that will take more than being sort of super to solve."--Inside front jacket flap of Volume 1.

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superhero comics
Comics (Graphic works)
Graphic novels
Superhero comics
New York : Aladdin [2022]-
Main Author
Eric Gapstur (author)
Other Authors
Dearbhla (Illustrator) Kelly (colorist)
First Aladdin hardcover edition
Physical Description
volumes : chiefly color illustrations ; 22 cm
  • v. 1. Sort of super
  • v. 2. The magma cup
Review by Publisher's Weekly Review

In this plot-driven, high-energy graphic novel that features excellent sequential storytelling, lanky 11-year-old Wyatt Flynn struggles to acclimate after developing a full gamut of common superhero powers at his father's place of work: "I was sprayed by a glowing space rock.../ ...drenched in nuclear waste.../ ...and zapped by electricity!" Though Wyatt wishes he could openly contest his ethnically inclusive school's bully or investigate the mysterious animal disappearances around town, his police officer father, kind and imaginative grandmother, and so-smart-she-skipped-two-grades sister Adeline (all white) curb his enthusiasm for superheroics. Bold, luminescent colors, dynamic actions, and expressive cartooning by Gapstur, making his solo debut, match Wyatt's infectious enthusiasm. Though absorbing plot threads--such as Wyatt and Adeline's mom disappearing and the looming implications of Wyatt's powers becoming public knowledge--fall by the wayside in favor of unexpected developments that divert the characters' attentions, their earnestness to do good, despite looming concern that the government would capture Wyatt should his powers become public, sustains reader investment. Final art not seen by PW. Ages 8--12. Agent: Uwe Stender and Brent Taylor, Triada US. (Mar.)

(c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved
Review by School Library Journal Review

Gr 3--7--Eleven-year-old Wyatt Flynn longs to use his recently acquired superpowers, like speed, flight, invisibility, and strength, to help others. However, his dad, Sheriff Flynn, makes the tween conceal his powers. The start of sixth grade brings some changes (Wyatt's genius younger sister Adeline is now in his class, for instance), while other things, like bully Caspar, stay the same. Wyatt struggles to keep his secret from good friends Beto and Nara and fights the impulse to use his powers to make a difference. After Wyatt sneaks out of school to put out a fire one day, Adeline pulls the fire alarm to cause a distraction to get him back inside. A late-night trip to erase security footage of that event goes sideways when Wyatt and Adeline stumble onto an explosive secret about their principal. Readers looking for an original superhero story will find much to enjoy in Wyatt's journey as he chafes against his dad's restrictions and secretly teams up with Adeline in a series of escalating encounters. Giving off strong superhero vibes, the expertly colored and textured digital art uses a variety of panels and pop outs to engage readers, especially once the story's action starts to accelerate midway. Flashbacks fill in essential details like how Wyatt got his powers and backstory involving the children's currently missing mother. Most of the main cast--Wyatt, Adeline, and their dad and grandma--are white; classmates Beto and Nara are brown-skinned, as are other background characters. VERDICT A quirky, fun read sure to please fans of superhero graphic novels. The final moments of the book will leave readers eager for a sequel.--Pearl Derlaga

(c) Copyright Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.
Review by Kirkus Book Review

A tween superhero takes flight. Eleven-year-old Wyatt Flynn, a pale, wiry boy with a shock of brown hair, has only just gotten a handle on his newfound superpowers. Flight, strength, speed, and invisibility are all at Wyatt's disposal, but his father and sister, Adeline, still worry about him. Wyatt's enthusiasm is equaled only by his fumbling, and a wrong move could expose him to the dangers of a government eager to imprison, enlist, or even dissect a superpowered being. Keeping his powers a secret from his friends is difficult enough, but not being able to use them to deal with the school bully or investigate the mysterious disappearance of his mother makes Wyatt even more frustrated. This brightly illustrated graphic novel with a racially diverse supporting cast perfectly captures the whiz-bang spirit of an unpretentious caped crusader comic. Wyatt and Adeline make for engaging protagonists, swapping quips and supporting one another in an earnest sibling relationship that's effectively sketched. The panel work is dynamic, displaying Wyatt's powers in fun ways that will keep readers engaged. The action's crisp, the jokes are funny, and the sentiment is well earned. In a sea of middle-grade graphic novels and superhero knockoffs, this one expresses the best of both genres and blends them together well. Teases for sequels abound, and readers will be excited to join Wyatt and Adeline on more high-flying adventures. A remarkable debut for a new young hero. (Graphic adventure. 8-12) Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.