Charlie Hernández & the Golden Dooms

Ryan Calejo

Book - 2022

"A young calaca's appearance at school sends Charlie on a quest to investigate suspicious activity in Miami and learn the truth behind the Golden Dooms"--

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New York : Aladdin 2022.
Main Author
Ryan Calejo (author)
First Aladdin hardcover edition
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371 pages ; 22 cm
Ages 10 to 14.
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Review by Kirkus Book Review

A South Florida middle schooler faces monsters in his quest to save the Land of the Living from the Land of the Dead in this riveting latest series installment. It's just an ordinary school day until a calaca, an undead skeletal being who ferries the deceased to the underworld, shoves Charlie Hernández into the girls' bathroom. Because he is a Morphling, a kid who can manifest animal characteristics as per Latinx myth, the calaca claims Charlie is the only one who can save her sister from unknown villains. She refuses to provide more than scant, cryptic clues, claiming it's too dangerous. When they are almost caught by a teacher, the calaca pulls her bones apart and flushes herself down the toilet in a delightfully creepy scene that is just the beginning of many unexpected twists. Assisted by longtime crush Violet Rey and Raúl, a cousin from Mexico who's staying with him, Charlie embarks on a whirlwind adventure to help the calaca, figure out why cafeteria aides have gone missing, and determine the cause of recent unusual earthquakes. The quest takes him to real Miami sights, from a centuries-old Spanish monastery that doubles as a Witch Queen's study to the Venetian Pool where reptilian heavies wait to attack. Charlie defeats magical enemies at every turn, all while charmingly balancing ordinary issues such as friction with his cousin and his first love. The plot thickens when deceptions and connections between all the mysteries are revealed. Clever, funny, and entertaining. (Fantasy. 10-14) Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

Chapter OneCHAPTER ONE Death came for me at around lunchtime. I was walking out of Ms. Alonso's third-period history, on my way to the cafeteria, and didn't even see it coming. No one usually does. In fact, as I started down the hallway toward the little stairs plastered with prom posters, all I saw was a girl. And she didn't look particularly deadly, either. She was, as a matter of fact, seriously pretty. I mean, who would've thought somebody that cute was gonna bring about the end of the world? Definitely not me, or else I wouldn't've stood there like some starry-eyed goof , basically just gawking at her as she slipped her way between the streams of hungry middle schoolers and came right up to me. "¿Perdona, tú eres Charlie Hernández?" Large hazel eyes blinked up at me from beneath ridiculously long, ridiculously thick lashes, and I think I might've managed a couple of blinks myself. I think .... She tried again. "Are you Charlie Hernández?" And this time I managed a whole nod. (Impressive, I know.) But before I could work up to an "Uh," or a "Huh," or even an "Uh-huh, that's me!" her hands snapped out, quick as a thought, and she was shoving me backward--back, back, back past the broken water fountain, past the row of second-floor lockers, past the little janitor's closet with all the brooms inside, and through a door very clearly marked GIRLS' RESTROOM. "Hey, what are you DOING ?" I hissed, watching her flip the dead bolt. "Locking the door." "Yeah, that I can see. My question is, WHY ?" "¿Cuál es el problema?" "The problem is that this is a girls' bathroom!" "So?" "So there could've been A GIRL in here!" "There is a girl in here." "WHAT! Where? " I whirled, my heart doing its best flippity-floppity, fish-out-of-water impersonation; and a moment later I felt the tap of a cold finger on my shoulder. "Right behind you..." Ah. Her. Right. As I turned back around, I couldn't help noticing that she was now staring up at me the same sorta way someone might stare at a three-headed mule. "You're... different than I expected," she said doubtfully. "Well, that's kinda your fault for expecting. Most people don't expect much from me. And it usually works out better for everyone that way." Her dark eyes narrowed. "You seem tense ." "That's because I am tense! And I'm getting outta here before someone catches us and I get even tenser !" I started toward the door, which was definitely a step in the right direction, but not nearly enough. I should've gone running out of that bathroom and not stopped until I'd reached the North Pole . (Which, in case you were wondering, was approximately 3,972 miles from South Florida.) "Wait!" Suddenly, Little Miss Shoves-a-Lot leapt in front of me, flinging her hands out like a traffic cop. "¡Necesito tu ayuda!" And it was the fear--no, the pleading in those last few words ("I need your help")--that really got me. She sounded alone. And scared. And near tears. So I stopped. I stared at her, and she stared back. Her hair was thick and dark and wavy, and her skin was smooth and tan and so uniformly flawless that you had to wonder if she'd ever even had a single zit . She was almost too perfect to be real. Which, come to think of it, should've been my first tip-off. The second, though-- easily --should've been her fashion sense. Or, rather, her lack thereof... She looked like someone who had been told how middle school kids liked to dress but hadn't actually ever seen one. At least not in a while . Her hairstyle and bell-bottoms made her look like she'd just stepped out of Austin Powers's groovy time machine, and her colorful purple sweater screamed eighties pop (and actually read, on one sleeve: THE 80S ROCK !) . She said, "I'm in trouble." "Trouble?" Confused, I shook my head. "Well, in that case, you should probably find a hall monitor. And those are usually found out in the halls. ..." "But I don't need a hall monitor," she said pleadingly. "I need a Morphling !" Excerpted from Charlie Hernández and the Golden Dooms by Ryan Calejo All rights reserved by the original copyright owners. Excerpts are provided for display purposes only and may not be reproduced, reprinted or distributed without the written permission of the publisher.