A hot mess How the climate crisis is changing our world

Jeff Fleischer

Book - 2021

"Drawing on real-life situations and stories, journalist Jeff Fleischer takes an informed, approachable look at how our world will change as a result of the climate crisis, addressing sea levels, extreme weather, drought, extinction, and migration"--

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Young adult nonfiction
Minneapolis : Zest Books [2021]
Physical Description
192 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
Ages 11-18
Grades 7-9
Includes bibliographical references.
Main Author
Jeff Fleischer (author)
  • Introduction
  • Climate change 101
  • A change in the weather
  • Fire and other alarms
  • The tide is high
  • Life during warming time
  • A changing social climate
  • So, what can we do about it?
Review by Booklist Reviews

As the consequences of climate change become increasingly dire, there's a crucial need for up-to-date information. This science-and-social-studies crossover offers a global perspective of climate-related developments, showing how weather extremes have ecological, political, economic, and social repercussions that ripple across continents. Chapters concentrate on individual factors, providing the science behind concerns like rising sea levels, drought and forest fires, and vanishing environments; the narrative integrates these consequences into everyday-living scenarios, often doubling back to reinforce situations from previous pages. Chapters begin with a quote and are filled with maps, charts, insets, and photos, and there are chapter notes, a selected bibliography, and an annotated list of sources for further information. A final chapter, aptly introduced with a Greta Thunberg quote, concentrates on solutions, ranging from local (beach cleanups, roof farms) to national (the Biden administration's creation of a cabinet-level climate envoy position) to international (the Montreal Protocol to save the ozone layer). This is a documented, balanced, and accessible update on an evolving crisis. Grades 8-12. Copyright 2021 Booklist Reviews.

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Drawing on real-life situations and stories, a journalist explores the potential effects of climate change as a result of our actions and suggests what we can still do to slow down these effects. Simultaneous.