Book club kit The butterfly effect The butterfly effect /

Rachel Mans McKenny

Book club kit - 2021

Greta Oto, an entomologist, prefers the company of bugs to humans, and people don't seem to like her much, with the exception of her twin brother, Danny, though they recently had a falling out. When she lands a research gig in the rainforest, she leaves them all behind. When Danny suffers an aneurysm, Greta abandons her research and hurries back to the Midwest to be there for him. Coming home means confronting what she left behind, including her lousy soon-to-be sister-in-law, her estranged mother, and her ex-boyfriend Brandon, who runs the butterfly conservatory. Dissertation woes mixed with romantic and family drama create chaos for Greta. Greta must ask herself if she has the courage to open up for the people she loves, and for thos...e who want to love her.

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Domestic fiction
Iowa City, IA : Iowa City Public Library [2021]
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Rachel Mans McKenny (author)
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"The butterfly effect" (328 pages ; 21 cm). Published in paperback by Alcove Press, 2020.
Kit assembled by the Iowa City Public Library.
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10 books, 1 discussion guide ; in a canvas tote bag (18 in x 13 in x 5 in)
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