Woke, Inc Inside corporate America's social justice scam

Vivek Ramaswamy

Book - 2021

"There's a new invisible force at work in our economic and cultural lives. It affects every advertisement we see and every product we buy, from our morning coffee to a new pair of shoes. "Stakeholder capitalism" makes rosy promises of a better, more diverse, environmentally-friendly world, but in reality this ideology championed by America's business and political leaders robs us of our money, our voice, and our identity. Vivek Ramaswamy is a traitor to his class. He's founded multibillion-dollar enterprises, led a biotech company as CEO, he became a hedge fund partner in his 20s, trained as a scientist at Harvard and a lawyer at Yale, and grew up the child of immigrants in a small town in Ohio. Now he takes u...s behind the scenes into corporate boardrooms and five-star conferences, into Ivy League classrooms and secretive nonprofits, to reveal the defining scam of our century. The modern woke-industrial complex divides us as a people. By mixing morality with consumerism, America's elites prey on our innermost insecurities about who we really are. They sell us cheap social causes and skin-deep identities to satisfy our hunger for a cause and our search for meaning, at a moment when we as Americans lack both. This book not only rips back the curtain on the new corporatist agenda, it offers a better way forward. America's elites may want to sort us into demographic boxes, but we don't have to stay there. Woke, Inc. begins as a critique of stakeholder capitalism and ends with an exploration of what it means to be an American in 2021--a journey that begins with cynicism and ends with hope." -- inside front jacket flap.

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Main Author
Vivek Ramaswamy (author)
First edition
Physical Description
vii, 358 pages ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 329-353).
  • Introduction The Woke-Industrial Complex
  • Chapter 1. The Goldman Rule
  • Chapter 2. How I Became a Capitalist
  • Chapter 3. What's the Purpose of a Corporation?
  • Chapter 4. The Rise of the Managerial Class
  • Chapter 5. The ESG Bubble
  • Chapter 6. An Arranged Marriage
  • Chapter 7. Henchmen of the Woke-Industrial Complex
  • Chapter 8. When Dictators Become Stakeholders
  • Chapter 9. The Silicon Leviathan
  • Chapter 10. Wokeness Is Like a Religion
  • Chapter 11. Actually, Wokeness Is Literally a Religion
  • Chapter 12. Critical Diversity Theory
  • Chapter 13. Woke Consumerism and the Big Sort
  • Chapter 14. The Bastardization of Service
  • Chapter 15. Who Are We?
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author