Be gay, do comics! Queer history, memoir, and satire from The Nib

Book - 2020

"The dream of a queer separatist town. The life of a gay, Jewish Nazi-fighter. A gender reveal party that tears reality apart. These are just some of the comics you'll find in this massive queer comics anthology from The Nib. [This book] is filled with dozens of comics about LGBTQIA + experiences, ranging from personal stories to queer history to cutting satire about pronoun panic and brands desperate to co-opt pride."--Back cover.

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2nd Floor Comics GRAPHIC NOVEL/Be Checked In
  • Introduction / Matt Lubchansky
  • The final reveal / Joey Alison Sayers
  • Gender bent / Kendra Wells
  • Brands love pride / Matt Lubchansky
  • Eight queens / Sasha Velour
  • Astrological signs as classic queer haircuts / Shelby Criswell
  • The life of Gad Beck : Gay. Jewish. Nazi figher / Levi Hastings & Dorian Alexander
  • Puerto Rico's LGBT community is ready to kick the door down / Rosa Colón Guerra
  • I came out late in life and that's okay / Alison Wilgus
  • Queer uprisings before Stonewall / Hazel Newlevant
  • The response : visibility has its rewards / Binglin Hu, Scout Tran, Matt Lubchansky, Sage Coffey, Dylan Edwards, Sfé R. Monster
  • The undercut / Shing Yin Khor
  • How do you translate non-binary? / Breena Nuñez
  • Queerativity! / Taneka Stotts & Ria Martinez
  • Seeing others / Delta Vasques
  • Queerness has always been part of life in the Middle East / Anonymous
  • Dancing with pride / Maia Kobabe
  • Gender isn't binary and neither is anatomy / Sara Mirk & Archie Bongiovanni
  • Pronoun panic / Kendra Wells
  • Just another day at the newspaper / Matt Lubchansky
  • I'd be an okay mom / Joey Alison Sayers
  • Just a joke : where the alt-right guys get their start / Sage Coffey
  • The dream of a gay separist town / Archie Bongiovanni
  • Am I queer enough? / Jason Michaels & Mady G
  • Freedom, joy and power : the history of the rainbow flag / Max Dlabick
  • Birth control is about more than just birth / Alex Graudins
  • Dating a trans person changed my partners' life / Mady G
  • Decolonizing queerness in the Philippines / Trinidad Escobar
  • When you're invisible in pop culture / Bianca Xunise & Sage Coffey
  • Nothing is wrong with me / Dylan Edwards
  • Off the rack / Matt Lubchansky
  • Great moments in pride history / Kendra Wells
  • The trans disclosure minefield / Joey Alison Sayers
  • A covert gaze at conservative gays / Sam Wallman
  • The homophobic hysteria of the lavender scare / Kazimir Lee & Dorian Alexander
  • Boobs aren't binary / Mady G
  • How do you adopt an embryo? / Robyn Jordan
  • LiveJournal made me gay / JB Brager
  • Sometimes I call myself queer. Sometimes I feel like a liar / Nero O'Reilly
  • A lifetime of coming out / Joey Alison Sayers
  • I am more than my chromosomes / Elisabet Rún
  • Jussie Smollett doesn't negate the reality of hate crimes / Maria-Rose Marie
  • It's all for the breast / Alexis Sudgen
  • Witch camp / Melanie Gullman
  • Take a hint / Julia Bernhard
  • The American revolution's greatest leader was openly gay / Josh Trujillo & Levi Hastings
  • What's it like to raise kids in Malaysia when you're LGBT? / Kazimir Lee
  • The wonderfully queer world of Moomin / Mady G
  • Judge not / Joey Alison Sayers
  • The important pundit in : Silent horror / Matt Lubchansky.