Fast carbs, slow carbs The simple truth about food, weight, and disease

David A. Kessler, 1951-

Book - 2020

"The American body is plagued by obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. In Fast Carbs, Slow Carbs, the follow up to his bestselling book The End of Overeating, Dr. David A. Kessler explains how we can reduce heart disease, keep weight off, and reduce chronic disease"--

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New York, NY : HarperWave, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers [2020]
Main Author
David A. Kessler, 1951- (author)
First edition
Physical Description
xv, 300 pages : illustrations ; 20 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 211-286) and index.
  • Introduction: The Birth of Fast Carbs
  • Part I. Trapped in Food Chaos
  • Chapter 1. An extraordinary opportunity to save lives
  • Chapter 2. There is a path out of the lifelong trap of food chaos that leads to lasting weight loss and health
  • Chapter 3. Until we learn the truth about fast carbs, we won't break the weight loss-and-gain cycle
  • Chapter 4. The problem posed by highly processed (fast) carbs has been suspected for decades
  • Chapter 5. Only 12.2 percent of Americans are metabolically healthy
  • Part II. How Food Stopped Sustaining Us
  • Chapter 6. Over the past half century, Americans have greatly increased their average daily intake of processed carbohydrates
  • Chapter 7. A turning point for our diet
  • Chapter 8. Government guidelines led us to carbs
  • Chapter 9. "Complex carbohydrates" is a misleading term that fails to distinguish rapidly absorbable carbs from those we absorb slowly
  • Chapter 10. Today's ultraprocessed foods allow us to absorb more calories
  • Chapter 11. The food industry claims there are no negative effects to processing
  • Chapter 12. From whole grain to the cereal box: What are we really eating?
  • Chapter 13. Food processing changes the chemical structure of starch
  • Chapter 14. The altered structure of processed starch makes it a rapidly absorbable fast carb
  • Chapter 15. Processed fast carbs serve as delivery vehicles for the pleasures of sugar, fat, and salt
  • Chapter 16. Without processed starch, we would not have a vast array of processed foods
  • Part III. Weight
  • Chapter 17. Recommendation: reduce or eliminate fast carbs for good to achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Chapter 18. Highly processed carbs wreak havoc on our bodies
  • Chapter 19. Where we digest carbs determines how our hunger is satisfied
  • Chapter 20. Highly processed food triggers speed eating
  • Chapter 21. Eliminating as many fast carbs as you can is essential to weight maintenance
  • Chapter 22. Maintaining weight loss requires us to eat less over the long term
  • Chapter 23. Creating new habits can lessen the appeal of fast carbs
  • Part IV. Metabolic Chaos
  • Chapter 24. Recommendation: to avoid metabolic harm, reduce or eliminate fast carbs for good
  • Chapter 25. Consumption of fast carbs may lead to metabolic syndrome
  • Chapter 26. Fast carbs interfere with fat metabolism
  • Chapter 27. A vicious cycle connecting fast carbs, obesity, and diabetes traps many people who struggle with their weight
  • Chapter 28. We have the ability to reverse metabolic disease
  • Chapter 29. Improving metabolic health is important for preserving cognitive function, reducing the risk of certain cancers, and improving male libido
  • Part V. Heart Disease
  • Chapter 30. Recommendation: reduce your LDL levels to prevent heart disease
  • Chapter 31. LDL causes heart disease
  • Chapter 32. Eating less starch reduces salt intake and lowers blood pressure
  • Chapter 33. Diet or medicine to lower LDL? Probably both
  • Chapter 34. Recommendation: engage in daily moderate-intensity exercise to stay healthy
  • Part VI. The Optimal Diet
  • Chapter 35. Most successful diets have one thing in common: limited fast carbs
  • Chapter 36. A diet emphasizing plants and slow carbs is optimal for your health
  • Chapter 37. The pros and cons of low-carb diets
  • Chapter 38. Don't consume processed meats
  • Chapter 39. Your diet doesn't have to be perfect
  • Epilogue In the Public Interest: Changing Our Food Environment
  • Meal Charts
  • Q&A
  • Notes
  • Acknowledgments
  • Index