Un-Trumping America A plan to make America a democracy again

Dan Pfeiffer

Book - 2020

"From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Yes We (Still) Can and cohost of Pod Save America, a sharp political playbook for how Democrats can take on Trump, McConnell, Fox News, and the rest of the right-wing circus dominating American politics. There is nothing more important than beating Donald Trump in 2020, but defeating Trump is just the start of this timely book. Un-Trumping America offers readers three critical insights: first, Trump is not an aberration, but rather the logical extension of the modern Republican Party; second, how Democrats can defeat Trump in 2020; and third, preventing the likes of Trump from ever happening again with a plan to fix democracy. While the catalog of the president's crimes is long a...nd growing, undoing Trumpism--the political platform of racism, authoritarianism, and plutocracy that gave rise to Trump and defines the Republican Party--is a long and continuing fight. Through a craven, cynical strategy engineered by Mitch McConnell, funded by the Kochs, and fueled by Fox News propaganda, Republicans have rigged American politics to drown out the voices of the people in favor of the powerful. Without an aggressive response that recognizes who the Republicans are and what they have done, American democracy as we know it won't survive this moment and a conservative, shrinking, mostly white minority will govern the country for decades. Un-Trumping America dismantles toxic Trumpism and offers a way forward. Dan Pfeiffer worked for nearly twenty years at the center of Democratic politics, from the campaign trail to Capitol Hill to Barack Obama's White House. But it was Trump's victory and Republicans' incessant aiding and abetting of Trumpism that has radicalized his thinking. Here, Pfeiffer urges Democrats to embrace bold solutions--from fixing the courts to abolishing the electoral college to eliminating the filibuster--in order to make America more democratic (and Democratic). Un-Trumping America is a powerful call for Democrats and progressives to get smarter, tougher, and more aggressive without becoming a paler shade of orange"--Dust jacket flap.

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Main Author
Dan Pfeiffer (author)
First edition
Physical Description
xx, 273 pages : illustration ; 24 cm
  • Introduction
  • Part 1. How Republicans Trumped America
  • Chapter 1. Trump: An Abomination, Not an Aberration
  • Chapter 2. Yes We Can v. Because We Can: Why Democrats Are Better but Win Less
  • Chapter 3. The Confederacy of Dunces
  • Chapter 4. The Republican Plot against America
  • Part 2. How to Un-Trump America
  • Chapter 5. Operation 2020
  • Chapter 6. The Democracy Party
  • Chapter 7. The Art of Information Warfare
  • Chapter 8. (Imaginary) Super PAC Spending Spree
  • Part 3. How to Make America a Democracy Again
  • Chapter 9. Vote Save America
  • Chapter 10. The Tyranny of the Minority
  • Chapter 11. Democracy for Sale
  • Chapter 12. Injustice for All: An Argument for Court Reform
  • Chapter 13. A Democratic (Re)Union
  • Chapter 14. #NeverTrump ... Again
  • Conclusion: Yes We (Still) Can
  • Bonus Content: A Paul Ryan Rant for the People in the Back
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author
Review by Booklist Review

There's an Appalachian saying, frequently applied to politicians, that ""the turtle doesn't get up on the fence post by himself."" Pfeiffer, former Obama staffer and one of the hosts of the popular political podcast Pod Save America, provides ample evidence of the ways Donald Trump is just such a turtle. Mostly, it involves Republicans, particularly the Freedom Caucus, billionaire campaign donors, and Mitch McConnell. But in laying out this argument, Pfeiffer also lays out the path for Democrats to save the day, not by beating Republicans at their own (dirty, he convincingly claims) game but by, like, actually doing democracy. First, rethink campaign strategy for the twenty-first century, then fight voter suppression and empower nonvoters. The next Democratic president should then work with Congress to lower the voting age, reform the Supreme Court, and grant statehood to Washington, D.C. Most important, Democrats need to drive home the message that they are the party of the people. Pfeiffer's decades of political experience means the call for change is coming from inside the system, which will leave some readers cautiously hopeful.HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: The popularity of Pod Save America, the upcoming presidential election, and Pfeiffer's political savvy will create the perfect storm of media attention and patron demand.--Susan Maguire Copyright 2020 Booklist

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Review by Kirkus Book Review

Democrats must get it together if they hope to win in 2020 and reverse what the author sees as the anti-democratic current dominating American politics.In a natural follow-up to his bestselling Yes We (Still) Can (2018), Pfeiffer, a former senior adviser to President Barack Obama and co-host of Pod Save America, combines an unrelenting assault on Donald Trump and the GOP with outlines of a plan for Democrats to win elections and reverse the current course of the country. He begins with an analysis of how the GOP has accomplished what it hasvirtually all of which he despises and derides. Among his principal villains are Fox News, the Koch brothers, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan, whom he ridicules in a final section titled "Bonus Content: A Paul Ryan Rant for the People in the Back." Pfeiffer aligns the GOP with racism and with cynical appeals to white voters; he condemns gerrymandering, voter purges, and the Citizens United decision; he declares that the GOP puts winning and party above country. To remedy all this, the author offers dozens of pages of suggestions for Democratse.g., change the media strategy (go more for social media), diminish the role of big money in campaigns, expand voter registration and turnout, make major changes in the Senate (eliminate the filibuster), and reform the design of the Supreme Court. He ends each of the later chapters with suggestions for "What You Can Do To Help." Of course, the author realizes that none of these reforms can occur without big Democratic victories in the House, Senate, and White House. Throughout, Pfeiffer pulls no punches. He blasts Fox News for "pure partisan propaganda," labels Brett Kavanaugh "a moral travesty," and calls the National Rifle Association "one of the most evil and effective forces in politics."An admonitory and heavilyunsurprisinglypartisan book that offers gleams of hope to those feeling hopeless. Copyright Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.

Copyright (c) Kirkus Reviews, used with permission.