Acts of vengeance! Avengers Avengers /

Dwayne McDuffie, John Byrne, 1950-, Mark Gruenwald, Howard Mackie, Tom DeFalco, Terry Austin, 1952-, Ron Frenz, Dwayne Turner, Paul Ryan, 1949-2016, Kieron Dwyer, Al Milgrom, Herb Trimpe, Mike Vosburg, Mike Manly, Ronald Lim, Don Cameron, Vince Mielcarek, Christopher Ivy, Tom Palmer, 1942-, Danny Bulanadi, Don Heck, Keith Williams, 1957-, Joe Sinnott, Bob Downs, Paul Becton, Nelson Yomtov, Bob Sharen, Mike Rockwitz, Christie Scheele, Glynis Oliver, George Roussos, 1915-2000, Steve Buccellato, Dave Sampson, Jack Morelli, Bill Oakley, Janice Chiang, Rick Parker, 1946-, Michael Heisler, Jim Novak, Richard Starkings

Book - 2020

An alliance of evil threatens the Avengers! Doctor Doom, the Red Skull, Kingpin, Magneto and more have banded together to pit Earth's Mightiest Heroes against totally unfamiliar foes! The Avengers take on Freedom Force, the Mole Man, the Wrecker, the Juggernaut, Controller, Absorbing Man and more--and suffer a devastating loss! Plus: Cloak and Dagger lend a hand, the New Warriors make their debut--and Magneto pursues a secret agenda all his own! But who is secretly pulling the vengeful caba...l's strings? Can the Avengers take down the true mastermind before his hidden scheme succeeds?

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