World War II Map by map

Simon Adams, 1955-

Maps - 2019

"In this stunning visual history book, custom maps tell the story of the Second World War from the rise of the Axis powers to the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Each map is rich with detail and graphics, helping you to chart the progress of key events of World War II on land, sea, and air, such as the Dunkirk evacuation, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the D-Day landings, and the siege of Stalingrad. Historical maps from both Allied and Axis countries also offer unique ins...ights into the events. There are timelines to help you follow the story as it unfolds, while narrative overviews explain the social, economic, political, and technical developments at the time. Fascinating, large-scale pictures introduce topics such as the Holocaust, blitzkrieg, kamikaze warfare, and code-breaking. Written by a team of historians in consultation with Richard Overy, World War II Map by Map examines how the deadliest conflict in history changed the face of our world."

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New York, NY : DK Publishing 2019.
First American edition
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Includes glossary and index.
Physical Description
288 pages : color illustrations, color maps ; 31 cm
Main Author
Simon Adams, 1955- (author)
Corporate Author
Smithsonian Institution (-)
Other Authors
Tony Allan, 1946- (author), Kay Celtel, R. G. Grant, Jeremy Harwood, 1947-, Philip Parker, 1965-, Christopher Westhorp
  • The slide to war: 1918-1939
  • Germany triumphant: 1939-1941
  • The widening war: 1942
  • Turning the tide: 1943-1944
  • Endgame and aftermath: 1944-1955.
Review by Library Journal Reviews

Through more than 100 maps, this resource chronicles World War II, beginning with the rise of nationalism, communism, fascism, and militarism (1918–39) and continuing through early German military successes, the war's expansion into Russia and Asia, the tipping point (1943–44), and the conflict's close and consequences. Maps are enlivened by abundant, informatively captioned archival photos (many in color), brief articles, time lines, quotations, propaganda posters, and graphs. Generous dimensions stress the volume's spine but permit cartography with legible detail; numbered text boxes superimposed on the maps elucidate complex developments, such as Operation Cartwheel and Stalingrad. Concise overviews cover topics such as the League of Nations or the Sino-Japanese War, though with such a broad topic not everything can be foregrounded. For instance, the Katyn Massacre appears only as a time line entry, as does the Burma Railway. The military rationale for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is made clear; only a passing reference questions the morality of Allied incendiary carpet-bombing (Dresden, Tokyo). Two final pages, "The Price of War" and "Remembrance," make a fitting close. VERDICT Casual and serious readers alike will find the engaging cartography of this superb, data-rich volume conveys the exceptional range, duration, costs, and intensity of a war that dramatically altered history.—Patricia D. Lothrop, formerly of St. George's Sch., Newport, RI Copyright 2019 Library Journal.

Review by Publisher Summary 1

A team of historians present a visual history of World War II through custom maps that help chart the progress of key events of the war on land, sea and air, such as the Dunkirk evacuation, the attack on Pearl Harbor and the D-Day landings. (military history). Illustrations. Maps.

Review by Publisher Summary 2

Explore World War II in unprecedented detail with this compelling geographical guide. If you're interested in finding out more about one of the deadliest wars in history, then this war book is perfect for you. World War II Map by Map is an intricately detailed history book, that will encourage you to get a sense of the magnitude, mobility and speed at which the colossal armies swept through these vast landscapes during a war that claimed millions of lives and spanned through many areas globally.  Follow the key developments of World War II in unprecedented visual detail, with more than 100 specially created historical maps covering all major theatres of war. Discover how the conflict raged around the globe on land, air, and sea, while timelines provide an in-depth chronology of events. Beautiful archival photographs, contemporary artefacts, and profiles of famous leaders reveal the full story of the war that shaped the modern world.  So what are you waiting for? Journey back in time and uncover: - 9 main contemporary maps, including battle maps from both Allies and Axis countries, explain key events. - Easy-to-read text panels to accompany the maps for a deeper understanding of each topic. - Set out into 5 Chapters with 11 narrative overviews- 30 photo feature spreads exploring topics beyond the War- Produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution.  Bursting with striking illustrations and full of fascinating detail, this world war 2 book is the ultimate gift for history students, general readers, and military history enthusiasts. Whether you enjoy watching military documents, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for the history lover in your life, World War II Map by Map can be enjoyed by adults and children aged 12+ alike. Written by a team of historians headed by Richard Overy as a consultant, this history book for adults  examines in detail how the most destructive conflict in history changed the face of our world. At DK, we believe in the power of discovery.So why stop there? The Map by Map series includes other titles such as History of the World Map by Map and Battles Map by Map, each detailing historical events and placing them in the context of geography. DK's luxurious Map by Map books are fantastic history gifts, packed with fascinating facts, high-quality photography, and detailed profiles and descriptions of people and events.