Labor unions and workers' rights

Book - 2020

"Labor unions have been a part of the United States ever since the Industrial Revolution, when laborers had to fight for safe working conditions and fair wages. But are unions still necessary today? Critics argue that labor unions stifle economic growth and harm workers more than they help. Supporters say unions are essential in ensuring that corporations don't take advantage of their labor force. This volume examines the labor force and its changing needs from the Industrial Revolutio...n to the present, presenting diverging perspectives on the effectiveness of labor unions to ensure the safety and welfare of the American worker"--

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Opposing viewpoints series (Unnumbered)
New York, NY : Greenhaven Publishing 2020.
First edition
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176 pages ; 23 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Are unions necessary? Unions still matter / Jake Rosenfeld
  • Unions do more harm than good / James Sherk
  • Unions are crucial if workers of color are to reach the middle class / Folayemi Agbede
  • What caused the decline of unions in America? / Dwyer Gunn
  • Unions made themselves unnecessary / Katey Troutman
  • Working people need unions to represent their interests / David Macaray
  • Are labor unions good for the economy and workers? Unions are good for the economy / David Madland and Karla Walter
  • Unions strengthen both the economy and democracy / Harley Shaiken and David Madland
  • Labor unions stifle workers' wages / George Reisman
  • Big companies have the power to prevent workers from forming unions / Ucilia Wang
  • Do unions contribute to political corruption? Laws that protect unions encourage corruption / Robert VerBruggen
  • Union members themselves thwart corruption / Alexia Fernández Campbell
  • Corruption is not limited to the Mob / Dean Baker
  • Government corrupts the purpose of both unions and corporations / Tom Mullen
  • Does right-to-work protection harm workers? Right-to-work : what it is and what it isn't / David Madland, Karla Walter, and Ross Eisenbrey
  • Right-to-work laws interfere with freedom / Charles Baird
  • The law does not support workers' rights / Martin Hart-Landsberg
  • Right-to-work laws create union free riders / Roland Zullo
  • Should the minimum wage be increased? Walmart's pay raise was good, but middle-income workers need more help / Mechele Dickerson
  • Minimum wage increases have a ripple effect / Benjamin H. Harris and Melissa S. Kearney
  • Minimum wage hikes cause businesses to cut jobs / Stephen McBride
  • Low wages cost the government money / Heidi Moore
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