Sober curious The blissful sleep, greater focus, limitless presence, and deep connection awaiting us all on the other side of alcohol

Ruby Warrington

Book - 2019

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New York, NY : HarperOne, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers [2019]
Main Author
Ruby Warrington (author)
First edition
Physical Description
viii, 229 pages ; 24 cm
Includes bibliographical references (pages 223-229).
  • Introduction
  • 1. The Nature Of The Beast
  • Maybe We're All a Little Bit Addicted
  • How the Habit Takes Hold
  • No More Moderation or Pretending
  • Changing a Habit Is the Hardest
  • Turn Every "Relapse" into a Reminder
  • 2. Conquering Foma (Fear Of Missing Alcohol)
  • Get to Know What Triggers Your FOMA
  • How Am I Supposed to Socialize Sober?
  • Alcohol and the "Cult of Personality"
  • Life Is the Opposite of Boring Without Booze
  • 3. Sober Curious Love, Sex, And Relationship?
  • I'm Supposed to Date Sober, Too?
  • We Alt Know Sober Sex Is the Best Sex
  • The Role of Booze in a Hookup Culture
  • Getting Sober Curious Is About Learning to Love You
  • 4. Spirits and Spirituality
  • The Link Between Spirits and Spirituality
  • The Real Genie in the Bottle
  • Who Am I (Without Alcohol)?
  • 5. Wine In The Age Of Wellness
  • Your Body Has Always Been Sober Curious
  • All You're Really Addicted to Is Your Thoughts, and Meditation Can Help with That
  • The Blissful Sleep Piece
  • #Wellness as a Call to Something Bigger
  • 6. Core Desired Feelings
  • Happiness Is Our Natural State
  • It's Time to Stop Taking the Edge Off
  • The Future Is Emotionally Intelligent
  • Alcohol and the Confidence Paradox
  • 7. Getting High On My Own Supply
  • Sing, Dance, Tell Stories, Savor the Sweetness of Silence
  • Highs Worth Having Are Worth Working For
  • When I Want to Relax
  • When I Want to Have Fun
  • When I Want to Connect
  • When I Want to Feel Pleasure
  • When I Want to Transcend
  • 8. The Power Of Positive Drinking?
  • Drinking, with Due Respect
  • A Good Night Is Allowed to Look Different for Everyone
  • 9. Vision For A Hangover-Free Society
  • More Hopeful, More Mentally and Emotionally Resilient
  • It's Not Them, It's You
  • A Sober Curious Society That's Better for Everybody
  • Regaining (Collective) Consciousness One Sober First at a Time
  • 10. An Alternative 12 Steps For Living Sober Curious
  • Acknowledgments
  • Resources
  • Notes