Redstone Junior High An unofficial graphic novel for Minecrafters

Cara J. Stevens

Book - 2017

Pixel has lived a pretty sheltered life so far, but when she gets a scholarship to Redstone Junior High, that all changes quickly. As the first one to leave her village in centuries, Pixel sets out for school armed with an outdated mob encyclopedia and a chest of hand-me-down tools and supplies that are no match for the tasks her tough teacher, Mr. Craft, has set out for her.

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  • Zombies ate my homework
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  • Creepers crashed my party
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  • Dragons never die
Review by Publisher Summary 1

For boys and girls who love Minecraft, a graphic novel adventure that uses over 750 images to transport young readers into the world of the game they love most.This story kicks off a new full-color series of unofficial graphic novels for Minecrafters!When quiet farm girl Pixel receives an acceptance letter from the prestigious academy for gifted students, Redstone Junior High, she is thrilled! And she works up the courage to leave her family and her beloved farm animals to become a Redstone student. The school prides itself on its safety record as much as its academics -- Mob-free for more than 100 years! boasts a sign on campus.Little does Pixel know that the school's long history of safety is about to take an unsettling turn. When zombies begin popping up on campus, the students begin to panic. Pixel, with the help of her new best friends, is the only one who can figure out why the zombies are invading -- but can she do it before the school becomes a battlefield?The adventure that unfolds will test Pixel's courage, reveal a unique and precious gift that she never knew she had, and change how she treats hostile mobs forever.

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Sixth grade can get downright dangerous in this new series of full-color graphic novels for Minecrafters!