Sharks and other deadly ocean creatures Visual encyclopedia

Derek Harvey

Book - 2016

Profiles more than two hundred sharks and fierce fish that call the ocean home, sharing details on the ocean habitats, body sizes, and tails of marine animals that range from barracudas to great whites--

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New York, New York : DK Publishing 2016.
First American edition
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203 pages : color illustrations ; 25 cm
Includes index.
Main Author
Derek Harvey (author)
Other Authors
Kim Bryan (-)
  • Primeval predators
  • Mud-rooting monsters
  • Devils of the dark
  • Killers between the tides
  • Muscle-mouthed gulpers
  • Cruisers and chasers
  • Inshore marauders
  • Predators of the reef.
Review by Booklist Reviews

Through vivid, live-action color photographs and bite-size narrative, readers will meet more than 200 sharks and deadly ocean creatures in this highly browsable encyclopedia. Attention-grabbing phrases head the eight chapters that organize the sea life into such categories as "Primeval Predators" (prehistoric beasts), "Mud-Rooting Monsters" (bottom dwellers), "Devils of the Dark" (deep-sea residents), and "Inshore Marauders" (shoreline predators). The page layout varies between single- and double-page spreads, but all contain a close-up photo of the featured animal with its common and scientific name, labeled physical features, a short paragraph of text and quick fact, and a "Data File," which uses preestablished icons to rate each creature's "predator power," size, distribution, and diet. While the information offered is decidedly surface-level, kids will love poring over the wide array of animals captured within its pages. The barbeled dragonfish, brain coral, sarcastic fringehead, and gummy shark are just a few of the ocean dwellers that will hook readers. General reference information about sharks concludes, though it would perhaps have been better placed in the book's introduction. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

Review by Publishers Weekly Reviews

This addition to the Visual Encyclopedia line uses eye-catching CGI graphics to introduce 150 undersea predators in eight chapters. "Devils of the Dark" highlights animals that lurk in the "darker depths" of the ocean, and "Cruisers and Chasers" includes sharks and other creatures that are always on the move. The species are introduced in succinct, lively text ("The zebra shark is a typical suction-feeder, and it captures prey hidden in the sand by sucking it up like a vacuum cleaner"), and "data file" boxes provide stats about their size, diet, location, and "predator power." Though sharks are well-represented throughout, readers may be pleasantly surprised by how many other hardcore creatures lurk underwater, like the peacock mantis shrimp, which can "smash its way out of an aquarium." Ages 9–12. (May) [Page ]. Copyright 2016 PWxyz LLC

Review by Publisher Summary 1

Swimming with sharks sounds a terrifying prospect, but not when it is from the comfort of your living room. This comprehensive visual encyclopedia takes you deep into the world’s waters to meet the deadliest ocean predators – without you even getting wet!Do you know which creature has tentacles longer than a bus? Or what was the largest shark that ever lived? Where does the tiger shark get its name? Which fish has the deadliest venom? And which fish has the strongest bite of anything on Earth? Sharks and Other Deadly Ocean Creatures answers all these questions and many, many more. More than 200 fierce fish from the past and present are featured in fact-packed profiles. You’ll come face to face with great white sharks, manta rays, saltwater crocodiles, giant squid, biting barracudas, and predatory piranhas all shown with exciting CGI technology and stunning photography. You’ll learn about shark anatomy, behaviour, and habitats alongside fun, factual text presented in an easily accessible format.??Whether you’re a water baby or simply studying for a school project, this is your one-stop shop for sharks and other deadly ocean creatures.