Moonlighting on the Internet Make an extra $1000 per month in just 5-10 hours per week

Shelby Larson

Book - 2016

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Irvine, California : EP/Entrepreneur Media, Inc [2016]
Main Author
Shelby Larson (author)
Other Authors
Yanik Silver (-)
2nd edition
Item Description
Earlier edition published as: Moonlighting on the Internet : 5 world-class experts reveal proven ways to make an extra paycheck online each month [by] Yanik Silver [and] Robert Olic.
Physical Description
xxiii, 296 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
  • Foreword
  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface: What This Book is Not
  • You Don't Know What You Don't Know
  • What Does That Have to Do With This Book?
  • Success Is Subjective
  • Written for You By People Like You
  • Part I. Overview and Self-Analysis
  • Chapter 1. My Story
  • Historic Failures
  • When Did Things Change?
  • How Can I Make Money Online Too?
  • Launching My First Business
  • Why Your "Why" Matters
  • Chapter 2. Is This Book for You?
  • Financial Freedom or Bust
  • Is This Book for You?
  • Yes, But
  • Chapter 3. Your Profit Path Profile
  • Profit Path Profile: Don't Skip This Step!
  • Be Your Own Boss vs. Owning an Online Business
  • Products vs. Services
  • Profit Path Profile Assessment: Personal Skills, Resources, and Lifestyle
  • Profit Path Profile Assessment: Preferred Learning Style
  • Moonlighting on the Internet: Profit Path Calculator
  • Part II. Service-Based Profit Paths
  • Freelancing Profit Path Preview
  • Freelancing Explained
  • Typical Low-Barrier Entry Point
  • Pros and Cons of Freelancing
  • Chapter 4. Freelance Writing Profit Path
  • Some Quick Basics
  • Types of Freelance Writing
  • SEO on a Need-To-Know Basis
  • Keywords for Content
  • Pricing: How Do I Charge for My Work?
  • Getting Clients
  • Managing Clients and Projects
  • How to Do Proper Research
  • Chapter 5. Freelance Graphic Design Profit Path
  • Titles That Sound Cool
  • What Do Graphic Designers Do?
  • Skills Outside Graphic Design That Make Your Job Easier
  • Getting Started
  • Finding Clients
  • A Quick Note About Spec Work
  • Pricing a Job
  • Design Process: Managing Clients
  • Creating the Proposal
  • Client Agreements
  • Getting the Job Done
  • Summary Tips
  • Chapter 6. Freelancing for the Technically Trained
  • What Freelance Tech Jobs Are Available?
  • A Deeper Dive Into Two Specific Paths for Those With a Desire to Learn
  • Tips for Succeeding in the Freelance Tech Profit Path
  • Getting Work
  • Is Tech Freelancing in Your Future?
  • Chapter 7. Virtual Assistant Profit Path
  • Getting Set Up as a Solopreneur VA
  • Setting Your Rates
  • Freelancing Agencies and Certification Programs
  • Finding Clients
  • Characteristics and Traits You Need to Keep Your Clients
  • A Final Word of Caution
  • Chapter 8. Freelancing Wrap-Up
  • Popular Freelance Job Sites
  • Optimizing Your Freelance Profile for Success
  • Tips for Successful Client Management
  • Summary: Basic Steps to Getting Started
  • Chapter 9. Consulting/Reselling Profit Paths
  • Consulting and Reselling Explained
  • Pros and Cons of Consulting
  • Local vs. Global Marketing Consultants
  • Setting Up Your Brand and Online Presence
  • What Will You Consult On?
  • Popular Services to Sell
  • Special Services for Local Businesses
  • Setting Yourself Up as an Expert, Even if You're Not!
  • How to Find New Leads
  • Practical Considerations
  • Is the Consultant Profit Path for You?
  • Part III. Digital and Information Products Profit Paths
  • Profit Path Preview
  • Digital and Information Marketing Explained
  • Digital and Information Marketing Pros and Cons
  • Chapter 10. Affiliate Marketing
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • A Few Points of Consideration Before You Get Started
  • Types of Affiliate Offers
  • A Quick Note About High-End Sales
  • How to Evaluate Which Affiliate Programs Are Right for You
  • How to Choose an Affiliate Offer
  • How Much Money Can I Make?
  • Chapter 11. Kindle Publishing Profit Path
  • Fiction or Nonfiction?
  • Deciding on Your Niche
  • Getting the Book Written
  • Editing Your Book
  • Protecting Your Work
  • Formatting Your Book for Kindle
  • Your Book Cover
  • CreateSpace
  • Uploading Your Book to Kindle
  • Marketing Your Book Launch
  • Rinse and Repeat!
  • Chapter 12. ECommerce Profit Paths
  • ECommerce Explained
  • Why Choose eCommerce as a Profit Path?
  • Solo Website vs. Multivendor Storefront
  • Types of eCommerce
  • ECommerce Platforms
  • Self-Hosted Solutions
  • Further Concerns
  • Everything You Need to Know Is on the Internet
  • Choosing a Profitable Market
  • Finding and Working With Suppliers
  • Creating the Perfect Product Page
  • Increasing Conversions on Your eCommerce Site
  • A Note About Traffic
  • Tip of the Iceberg
  • Chapter 13. Selling on Multivendor Storefronts
  • Amazon
  • Some Practical Information
  • Make Your Product Listings Stand Out!
  • Getting Product Reviews
  • Getting Traffic to Your Amazon Product Pages
  • EBay
  • Etsy
  • Chapter 14. Hybrid-the agency model
  • The Agency Model Explained
  • Don't Start an Agency
  • What I Love About Being an Agency
  • Getting Started
  • Been There, Done That, Trust Me Tips
  • Tools I Can't Live Without
  • Part IV. Take Action 101
  • Chapter 15. Business and Marketing 101
  • First Things First
  • Marketing Basics
  • Tools You Need
  • Chapter 16. Profit Path Mindset
  • Shelby's Daily Routine
  • Choose Your Own Adventure
  • Chapter 17. Analysis Paralysis: Don't Fall Into This Trap
  • Please Take Action
  • Next Steps
  • Thank You
  • Index