Llewellyn's complete book of chakras Your definitive source of energy center knowledge for health, happiness, and spiritual evolution

Cyndi Dale

Book - 2016

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Llewellyn's complete book of
Woodbury, MN : Llewellyn Publications 2016.
First edition
Physical Description
xlviii, 1006 pages, [8] pages of plates : illustrations (some color) ; 26 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Main Author
Cyndi Dale (author)
  • Chakra fundamentals and basic practices
  • What are chakras? A pocket guide to your body's points of light
  • Your spinning wheels of light
  • What is kundalini?
  • The Hindu chakra system
  • Hindu chakras: the basic seven
  • The first Hindu chakra: muladhara
  • The second Hindu chakra: svadhisthana
  • The third Hindu chakra: manipura
  • The fourth Hindu chakra: anahata
  • The fifth Hindu chakra: vishuddha
  • The sixth Hindu chakra: Ajña
  • The seventh Hindu chakra: sahasrara
  • Fundamentals of chakra medicine
  • The benefits of chakra medicine
  • Chakra medicine methods I: preparation and analysis
  • Chakra medicine methods II: healing
  • Chakra medicine practices: Eastern methods
  • Chakra techniques: from mantras to gemstone and everything in between
  • Chakras in depth: historical, scientific, and cross-cultural understandings
  • The history of chakra knowledge through the lens of ancient India
  • Ancient vedic scripture: the four canons
  • Chakras taking form: divining three movements from the Upanishads and other early sacred texts
  • Following the light of tantra and yoga
  • The science of subtle energy
  • Your energy primer: understanding physical and subtle energy (and a few matters in between)
  • Chakras as part of the subtle energy anatomy
  • The science and structure of chakras
  • Kundalini rises: the chakra serpent
  • Chakra systems of Asia
  • Chakra systems of India
  • Tibet: Indian tantra meets Buddhism
  • Other Asian chakra systems
  • Ancient chakra systems across Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas
  • The African continent
  • Chakra systems of old Europe
  • The Middle East
  • Chakra medicine in the Americas
  • Modern Western chakra systems
  • Early Western mystics and esoteric orders
  • The Theosophical Society
  • Chakras come of age in the West
  • Chakras et cetera: natural and unusual chakras
  • Chakras in nature
  • New and unusual chakras and chakra systems.
Review by Publishers Weekly Reviews

In Llewellyn's eighth Complete Book, prolific author Dale (The Spiritual Power of Empathy) compiles a materia medica of energy healing. At more than 1,000 pages, Dale's compendium includes a thorough investigation of chakra energy systems, traditions, and practices. Like reference books for homeopathy and herbalism, this title doesn't try to convince readers of the efficacy of the system; assuming the reader's interest, it provides comprehensive details on the state of the art, beginning by systematically and exhaustively describing the chakras. For instance, in her chapter on muladhara, the first Hindu chakra, Dale talks about the relevant emotional issues, explores the history of its meaning, illustrates it with a diagram of the spine, delves into the associated endocrine and organ system effects, and provides a glossary of muladhara's components. Dale follows the specifics with expansive sections on the history of chakra systems and a speculative section on esoteric systems such as astrogeographia. This is not a beginner's book (though Dale includes a "pocket guide" to orient new students), but it truly lives up to its "complete book" moniker; if it's related to chakras, it's in here. (Nov.) [Page ]. Copyright 2015 PWxyz LLC

Review by Publisher Summary 1

One of the world's foremost experts on chakras and energy healing explores the science, history, practices and structures of subtle energy systems, with chakras as the center point, distilling and synthesizing 12,000 years of cross-cultural knowledge, in an entertaining and highly readable encyclopedia. Original.

Review by Publisher Summary 2

A comprehensive guide to chakras and energy healing explores the science, history, practices, and structures of energy systems.

Review by Publisher Summary 3

The Ultimate Guide to Chakras and Energy Systems As powerful centers of subtle energy, the chakras have fascinated humanity for thousands of years. Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras is a unique and empowering resource that provides comprehensive insights into these foundational sources of vitality and strength. Discover what chakras and chakra systems are, how to work with them for personal growth and healing, and the ways our understanding of chakras has transformed throughout time and across cultures. Lively and accessible, this definitive reference explores the science, history, practices, and structures of our subtle energy. With an abundance of illustrations and a wealth of practical exercises, Cyndi Dale shows you how to use chakras for improving wellness, attracting what you need, obtaining guidance, and expanding your consciousness. Praise: "In one thoroughly researched and beautifully written book you can learn...what it took ancient seekers a lifetime to uncover."—Steven A. Ross, PhD, CEO of the World Research Foundation and author of And Nothing Happened...But You Can Make It Happen "A shining constellation of timeless wisdom and brilliant insights on chakras. This groundbreaking book is an essential conduit to whole-self healing."—Dr. Deanna Minich, founder of Food & Spirit "Expertly researched, well written, and easy to understand. The go-to guide for understanding subtle energy systems."—Madisyn Taylor, bestselling author and editor-in-chief of DailyOM "Cyndi's exploration of cross-cultural systems is stunningly complete...Very impressive."—Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening