The Burgess bird book for children

Thornton W. Burgess, 1874-1965

Book - 2003

Uses simple story narratives to introduce a variety of birds.

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Mineola, N.Y. : Dover Publications 2003.
Main Author
Thornton W. Burgess, 1874-1965 (-)
Other Authors
Louis Agassiz Fuertes, 1874-1927 (illustrator)
Dover ed
Item Description
Originally published: Boston : Little, Brown, 1919.
Physical Description
xi, 260 p. : ill. ; 22 cm
  • Introduction
  • 1.. Jenny Wren Arrives: Introducing the House Wren
  • 2.. The Old Orchard Bully: The English or House Sparrow
  • 3.. Jenny Has a Good Word for Some Sparrows: The Song, White-throated and Fox Sparrows
  • 4.. Chippy, Sweetvoice, and Dotty: The Chipping, Vesper and Tree Sparrows
  • 5.. Peter Learns Something He Hadn't Guessed: The Bluebird and the Robin
  • 6.. An Old Friend in a New Home: The Phoebe and the Least Flycatcher
  • 7.. The Watchman of the Old Orchard: The Kingbird and the Great Crested Flycatcher
  • 8.. Old Clothes and Old Houses: The Wood Pewee and Some Nesting Places
  • 9.. Longbill and Teeter: The Woodcock and the Spotted Sandpiper
  • 10.. Redwing and Yellow Wing: The Red-winged Blackbird and the Golden-winged Flicker
  • 11.. Drummers and Carpenters: The Downy, Hairy and Red-headed Woodpeckers
  • 12.. Some Unlike Relatives: The Cowbird and the Baltimore Oriole
  • 13.. More of the Blackbird Family: The Orchard Oriole and the Bobolink
  • 14.. Bob White and Carol the Meadow Lark: The So-called Quail and the Meadow Lark
  • 15.. A Swallow and One Who Isn't: The Tree Swallow and the Chimney Swift
  • 16.. A Robber in the Old Orchard: The Purple Martin and the Barn Swallow
  • 17.. More Robbers: The Crow and the Blue Jay
  • 18.. Some Homes in the Green Forest: The Crow, the Oven Bird and the Redtailed Hawk
  • 19.. A Maker of Thunder and a Friend in Black: The Ruffed Grouse and the Crow Blackbird
  • 20.. A Fisherman Robbed: The Osprey and the Bald-headed Eagle
  • 21.. A Fishing Party: The Great Blue Heron and the Kingfisher
  • 22.. Some Feathered Diggers: The Bank Swallow, the Kingfisher and the Sparrow Hawk
  • 23.. Some Big Mouths: The Nighthawk, the Whip-poor-will and Chuck-will's-widow
  • 24.. The Warblers Arrive: The Redstart and the Yellow Warbler
  • 25.. Three Cousins Quite Unlike: The Black and White Warbler, the Maryland Yellow-Throat and the Yellow-breasted Chat
  • 26.. Peter Gets a Lame Neck: The Parula, Myrtle and Magnolia Warblers
  • 27.. A New Friend and an Old One: The Cardinal and the Catbird
  • 28.. Peter Sees Rosebreast and Finds Redcoat: The Rose-breasted Grosbeak and the Scarlet Tanager
  • 29.. The Constant Singers: The Red-eyed, Warbling and Yellow-throated Vireos
  • 30.. Jenny Wren's Cousins: The Brown Thrasher and the Mockingbird
  • 31.. Voices of the Dusk: The Wood, Hermit and Wilson's Thrushes
  • 32.. Peter Saves a Friend and Learns Something: The Towhee and the Indigo Bunting
  • 33.. A Royal Dresser and a Late Nester: The Purple Linnet and the Goldfinch
  • 34.. Mourner the Dove and Cuckoo: The Mourning Dove and the Yellow-billed Cuckoo
  • 35.. A Butcher and a Hummer: The Shrike and the Ruby-throated Hummingbird
  • 36.. A Stranger and a Dandy: The English Starling and the Cedar Waxwing
  • 37.. Farewells and Welcomes: The Chickadee
  • 38.. Honker and Dippy Arrive: The Canada Goose and the Loon
  • 39.. Peter Discovers Two Old Friends: The White-breasted Nuthatch and the Brown Creeper
  • 40.. Some Merry Seed-eaters: The Tree Sparrow and the Junco
  • 41.. More Friends Come with the Snow: The Snow Bunting and the Horned Lark
  • 42.. Peter Learns Something About Spooky: The Screech Owl
  • 43.. Queer Feet and a Queerer Bill: The Ruffed Grouse and the Crossbills
  • 44.. More Folks in Red: The Pine Grosbeak and the Redpoll
  • 45.. Peter Sees Two Terrible Feathered Hunters: The Goshawk and the Great Horned Owl
  • Index