The footprints of God

Greg Iles

Book - 2003

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New York : Scribner 2003.
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459 p.
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Greg Iles (-)
Review by Booklist Reviews

Iles, author of eight best-sellers, takes the standard paranoid thriller starring an endangered man and the woman who believes he's delusional until a series of shocks forces her to accept the too-strange-to-believe truth--and makes it run like Mussolini's trains. Everything arrives on time, as expected: boy is involved in scientific experiment; boy loses parts of mind; boy meets girl; boy runs away with girl after coworkers sniff out his suspicions and decide to snuff out his life. In this case, physician and ethicist Dr. David Tennant has spent the last few years of his life working on government-funded, hush-hush Project Trinity, which strives to build a supercomputer by liberating human intelligence from the human body. As the project progresses, Tennant's ethical concerns increase, especially when Trinity team members begin to develop neurological disorders. Once Tennant has sought psychiatric help, his psychiatrist (naturally, a beautiful woman) is drawn into the guessing game of whether Tennant is paranoid or insightful. With the murder of Tennant's closest colleague, and Tennant's inability to cover his disillusionment with the project, the game is afoot, as the government bears down on our hero and his psychiatrist friend. Cardboard characters and a mostly predictable plot, but Iles, a consummate storyteller, keeps suspense and blood pressure high. ((Reviewed July 2003)) Copyright 2003 Booklist Reviews

Review by Library Journal Reviews

When noble young doctor David Tennant and his psychiatrist, Rachel Weiss, discover that they have been targeted for death by the NSA because they know too much about a dangerous new technology, they must rely on David's weird dreams to give them some directive. With a six-city author tour. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

Review by Library Journal Reviews

From its masterly opening line, Iles's (24 Hours) latest thriller is impossible to put down. We find Dr. David Tennant contemplating his life after friend and mentor Andrew Fielding is found dead in his lab. A stroke is the suspected cause, but David knows better because both men were part of an ultra-top-secret project known as Project Trinity, a quantum leap in the future of supercomputing and artificial intelligence. Both men had warned their managers about the experiment's dangers, and now David believes that he is next on the hit list. But he is starting to show strange side effects from the treatment he undertook for the project and is experiencing vivid visions of being Jesus Christ. His psychiatrist thinks that he should be institutionalized, until she, too, is targeted to be killed. The reader must make a great leap of faith in the final third of the book, and while not everyone will agree with Iles's conclusions, the work as a whole is extremely compelling. This is Iles's best book yet and should be a major best seller. For all fiction collections. [Previewed in Prepub Alert, LJ 4/1/03.]-Jeff Ayers, Seattle P.L. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

Review by Publishers Weekly Reviews

The shoot-'em-up potential of spiritual subject matter has recently been profitably exploited by a number of writers (most notably James BeauSeigneur in his Christ Clone trilogy). In this compelling, science-based entry, Iles (Sleep No More; 24 Hours; The Quiet Game) gives his own particular spin on biblical mayhem. "My name is David Tennant, M.D. I'm professor of ethics at the University of Virginia Medical School, and if you're watching this tape, I'm dead." Tennant works for Project Trinity, a secret government organization attempting to build a quantum-level supercomputer. Using advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques, Tennant and five other top scientists have supplied Trinity, the experimental computer, with molecular copies of themselves as models for a neurological operating system. As Trinity comes to life, the men who control the experiment begin to split into competing factions, each determined to use the computer for his own ends. When Tennant tries to shut the project down because of ethical considerations, he is marked for death by the beautiful but physically and psychologically scarred Geli Bauer, head of security. Iles writes himself onto a high wire that stretches over a dangerous fictional chasm as Tennant begins to have narcoleptic seizures and see life through the eyes of Jesus Christ. That this talented author makes it to the other side without falling is testament to his ingenuity and intelligence. Armageddon looms as nuclear missiles streak toward the United States, and the fate of mankind rests on Tennant's ability to reason with the omnipotent Trinity. Readers interested in the exploration of religious themes without the usual New Age blather or window-dressed dogma will snap up this novel of cutting-edge science. (Aug.) Forecast: This is likely to be the biggest hit yet for bestselling Iles, since it will appeal to the (many) devotees of apocalyptic fiction, as well as to Iles's usual fan base. Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information.

Review by Publisher Summary 1

Resisting those who would use a revolutionary new technology for unethical purposes, doctor David Tennant and psychiatrist Rachel Weiss find themselves running for their lives from a ruthless team of NSA agents and turning to David's unusual dreams for guidance. Reprint.

Review by Publisher Summary 2

Resisting those who would use a revolutionary new technology for unethical purposes, doctor David Tennant and psychiatrist Rachel Weiss run for their lives from ruthless NSA agents and turn to David's unusual dreams for guidance.

Review by Publisher Summary 3

From acclaimed New York Times bestselling author Greg Iles comes a cutting-edge thriller in which the next phase of human evolution may not be human at all.... In a secret government lab, America's top scientists work on Trinity -- a supercomputer that could surpass the power of the human mind. As the project's ethicist, Dr. David Tennant works in a firestorm of limitless science and ruthless ambition. After a fellow scientist is murdered, David uncovers who the killer is. Desperate, he turns to Rachel Weiss, the psychiatrist probing the nightmares that have plagued him since joining the project, and both are forced to flee for their lives. Pursued around the globe, David and Rachel piece together the truth behind Project Trinity, and the apocalyptic power it possesses. But Trinity's countdown has already begun, and humanity is now held hostage by a form of life that cannot be destroyed. The only hope for survival lies in the shocking connection that exists between Trinity and David's tortured mind. Mankind's future hangs in the balance -- and the price of failure is extinction.