Lost worlds of South America

Edwin Lawrence Barnhart

Sound recording - 2012

"The dramatic terrain of South America is one of the great and thrilling frontiers of archaeology. Buried by the centuries on soaring mountain slopes and beneath arid deserts and lush jungles, the remains of extraordinary, majestic civilizations-- many completely unknown until recent decades-- are now coming to light and raising tantalizing questions about what else may be awaiting discovery. These newly uncovered sites, as well as previously known ones such as Cuzco and Machu Picchu, are b...y no means those of simple, 'primitive' cultures, but show astonishing sophistication in large-scale architecture, agricultural systems, art, and urban organization, together with technological ingenuity that dazzles the imagination. As one of only six places on earth where civilization arose spontaneously, this region offers a fresh and revelatory look at how human societies formed, from the earliest organized communities to cultures of huge complexity. They paralleled, yet were absolutely different from, the ancient cultures of Greece, Egypt, and others that we know so much better. In these sites you witness, with vivid clarity, the unfolding of one of the true cradles of civilization"--From publisher's web page.

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Great courses.
Chantilly, Virginia : Teaching Co [2012]
[PDF workbook version]
Item Description
"The Great courses, Topic: History ; Subtopic: Ancient history"--Cover.
"Course no. 3120"--Disc labels.
24 lectures lasting 30 minutes each.
Accompanying CD-ROM contains course workbook in PDF format.
Physical Description
12 audio discs : CD audio, digital ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 computer optical disc (4 3/4 in.)
Main Author
Edwin Lawrence Barnhart (-)
  • disc 1. South America's lost cradle of civilization ; Discovering Peru's earliest cities
  • disc 2. South America's first people ; Ceramics, textiles, and organized states
  • disc 3. Chavín and the rise of religious authority ; Cupisnique to Salinar : elite rulers and war
  • disc 4. Paracas : mummies, shamans, and severed heads ; The Nazca lines and underground channels
  • disc 5. The Moche : pyramids, gold, and warriors ; The Moche : richest tombs in the world
  • disc 6. The Moche : drugs, sex, music, and puppies ; Enigmatic Tiwanaku by Lake Titicaca
  • disc 7. The Amazon : civilization lost in the jungle ; The Wari : foundations of the Inca Empire?
  • disc 8. The Chimú : empire of the northern coast ; The Sican : goldsmiths of the northern coast
  • disc 9. The Inca origins : mythology v. archaeology ; Cuzco and the Tawantinsuyu Empire
  • disc 10. The Inca : from raiders to empire ; The Inca : gifts of the empire
  • disc 11. The Khipu : language hidden in knots ; Machu Picchu and the sacred valley
  • disc 12. Spanish contact : Pizarro conquers the Inca ; Remnants of the past : Andean culture today.