Super Human encyclopedia Discover the amazing things your body can do

Steve Parker, 1952-

Book - 2014

This illustrated guide to the human body reveals the truly amazing processes that go on in our bodies on a daily basis.

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New York : Dk Publishing 2014.
First American Edition
Item Description
Includes index.
Physical Description
207 pages : colour illustrations ; 31 cm
Main Author
Steve Parker, 1952- (-)
  • Body framework
  • Mission control
  • Totally sensational
  • Power systems
  • Fuel and waste
  • Defense and control
  • New life and growth
  • Future humans.
Review by Booklist Reviews

This oversize riff on standard body encyclopedias uses big, dramatic photos and cutaway views for visual punch, and gosh-wow facts to crank up the sprays of descriptive captions and labels. From the "Total Intranet" of the brain and nerves to organs that process "Fuel and Waste," the body is presented as a biological machine, with systems and components capable of extreme feats as well as basic functions. Along with many smaller pictures, the illustrations range from spread-filling images of athletes or dancers to giant looks inside an eyeball and an ear; diagrammatic views of a developing embryo; and extreme close-ups of tongue, stomach-lining, and other anatomical surfaces. Though not detailed or systematic enough to serve as a replacement for the Human Body: A Visual Encyclopedia (2012) or similar books, this does give familiar information a dynamic angle and also provides plenty of need-to-know facts, such as definitions for boborygmi and peristalsis, unique features of the teen brain, and the fact that we share 50 percent of our DNA with the banana. Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

Review by Publisher Summary 1

Explores the human body, presenting information on the framework, systems, and senes of the body and how they work.

Review by Publisher Summary 2

Offers new perspectives on the human body by revealing to kids the extraordinary processes behind everyday functions, sharing facts on topics ranging from how the brain works to how the body fights infections while profiling people whose bodies have accomplished extreme feats.

Review by Publisher Summary 3

Children are astounded at the human body and are eager to learn about the processes that are going on inside them. Super Human Encyclopedia offers a new perspective on the human body for kids by highlighting the truly extraordinary processes behind the body's everyday functions. Packed with interesting facts, from how we keep cool and how memories are made to how we fight infections and how many muscles we use to smile, Super Human Encyclopedia reveals the extraordinary facts about the human body from the strength and flexibility of the human skeleton to the incredible way the brain works. Featuring real "superhumans", including memory champions, contortionists and free divers, the book features the characteristics that take them to human extremes and showcases their remarkable records of speed, power, acceleration, heart rate and a host of other fascinating facts. With artwork and text appropriate for children 10 and older, Super Human Encyclopedia showcases from head to toe how extraordinary the human body is. Supports the Common Core State Standards

Review by Publisher Summary 4

Be astounded at the human body, from head to toe, and discover how extraordinary you really are!From the human brain to muscles and bones, Super Human Encyclopedia explains the extraordinary processes behind the human body. Learn loads of interesting facts, from how we keep cool and how memories are made to how the human body fights infection and how many muscles we use to smile.Full of colorful images, fun diagrams, and awesome information, this indispensable family reference also explores how some people seem to have super abilities. Find out about the extraordinary people who can jump farther, run faster, react quicker, and much more – and learn the science behind their amazing talents. Whatever you want to know, Super Human Encyclopedia is a fascinating guide to how amazing the human body is and how it works.