The annals of unsolved crime

Edward Jay Epstein, 1935-

Book - 2013

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Brooklyn, NY : Melville House 2013.
1st ed
Physical Description
347 pages
Main Author
Edward Jay Epstein, 1935- (-)
  • Loners: but were they alone
  • Lincoln's assassin : was he alone?
  • The Reichstag fire
  • The Lindbergh kidnapping
  • JFK's assassin : was he alone?
  • The assassination of olaf Palme
  • The anthrax attack on America
  • The Pope's assassin
  • Suicide, accident or disguised murder?
  • The mayerling incident
  • The hanging of God's banker
  • Death of Dag Hammarskjold
  • The strange death of Marilyn Monroe
  • The crash of Enrico Mattei
  • The disappearance of Lin Biao
  • The elimination of general Zia
  • The submerged spy
  • Cold case file
  • Jack the Ripper
  • The Harry Oakes murder
  • The Black Dahlia
  • The pursuit of Dr. Sam Sheppard
  • The killing of Jon Benet Ramsey
  • The zodiac
  • The vanishing of Jimmy Hoffa
  • Crimes of state
  • A decapitation in the Ukraine
  • The Dubai hit squad
  • The Hariri assassination
  • Who assassinated anna Politkovskaya
  • Blowing up of Bhutto
  • The case of the radioactive corpse
  • The godfather contract
  • The Japanese vanishings
  • Solved or unsolved?
  • The Oklahoma city bombing
  • The O.J. Simpson nullification
  • Bringing down DSK
  • The Macdonald massacre
  • The Knox ordeal
  • The enduring mystery of the assassination.
Review by Library Journal Reviews

Here Epstein (The Hollywood Economist: The Hidden Financial Reality Behind the Movies) has written case studies of 35 controversial crimes. Several involve conspiracy theories, e.g., JFK's assassination and the Dominique Strauss-Kahn case. He includes well-known historical cases (e.g., Jack the Ripper, the Lindbergh baby kidnapping), some (perhaps) lesser-known international crimes, and media-sensation cases such as those of Amanda Knox, O.J. Simpson, and JonBenet Ramsey. What makes this book unique is Epstein's analysis of each case: he lays out each as though it were a detective story. After describing each case, he outlines theories, and offers his opinion on the most likely solution. Some of the cases are quite detailed and clearly reflect the author's extensive research. Readers who crave these longer explanations will appreciate the further-reading list, which suggests definitive titles on each case. VERDICT Extremely entertaining, this book will be popular with fans of ripped-from-the-headlines crime tales and students of the more historical cases. Highly recommended.—Karen S. Silverman, Ctr. for Applied Research, Philadelphia [Page 117]. (c) Copyright 2013. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Review by Publisher Summary 1

An insider's guide to the art of reporting draws on more than four decades of investigative work to provide revisionary insights into some of the most controversial and mysterious crimes from the past two centuries.

Review by Publisher Summary 2

An insider's guide to the art of reporting draws on more than four decades of investigative work to provide revisionary insights into some of the most controversial and mysterious crimes from the past two centuries. By the author of the best-selling Inquest: The Warren Commission and the Establishment of Truth.

Review by Publisher Summary 3

One of America’s most acclaimed investigative journalists re-investigates some of the most notorious and mysterious crimes of the last 200 yearsThe beloved head of the UN dies in a tragic plane crash . . . witnesses unearthed years later suggest it wasn’t an accident. Theories behind the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe change yearly, and some believe Jack the Ripper was a member of the royal family. History books say Hitler burned down the Reichstag—but did he? And who really organized the conspiracy to kill Abraham Lincoln?Acclaimed investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein cut his teeth on one of the most notorious murder mysteries of the 20th century in his first book, Inquest: The Warren Commission and the Establishment of Truth, one of the first books on the assassination and an instant bestseller. His conclusion? The Commission left open too many questions.He examines those questions here, as well as some of the most famous “unsolved” or mysterious crimes of all time, coming to some startling conclusions. His method in each investigation is simple: outline what is known and unknown, and show the plausible theories of a case. Where more than one theory exists, he shows the evidence for and against each. And when something remains to be proved, he says as much.In The Annals of Unsolved Crime, Epstein re-visits his most famous investigations and adds dozens of new cases. From the Lindbergh kidnapping to the JonBenet Ramsey murder case, from the Black Dahlia murder to anthrax attacks on America, from the vanishing of Jimmy Hoffa to the case of Amanda Knox—Epstein considers three dozen high-profile crimes and their tangled histories and again proves himself one of our most penetrating journalists.