Village Roadshow Pictures

Village Roadshow Pictures is an American film and television production company and subsidiary of the Australian co-producer and co-financier of major Hollywood motion pictures established in 1989. It is a division under Village Roadshow Entertainment Group (VREG), which in turn is owned by an Australian media company of the same name. It has produced over 100 films since its establishment in 1989 including, as co-productions with Warner Bros., ''The Matrix'' series, the ''Sherlock Holmes'' series, the ''Happy Feet'' series, the ''Ocean's'' series, ''The Lego Movie'' and ''Joker''. The films in the Village Roadshow library have achieved 34 number-one U.S. box office openings and received 50 Academy Award nominations, 19 Academy Awards and six Golden Globe Awards.

Village Roadshow Pictures self-distributes its film entertainment through affiliates in several territories around the world, including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore (the latter through Golden Village). J.P. Morgan Chase and Rabobank International provides some funding for Village Roadshow's film slate with Warner Bros. Village Roadshow had a secondary finance slate with Sony Pictures which ended in 2016. Provided by Wikipedia

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