Vilgot Sjöman

Vilgot Sjöman with Lena Nyman during the production of ''[[I Am Curious (Yellow)]]'' from 1967. David Harald Vilgot Sjöman (2 December 1924 – 9 April 2006) was a Swedish writer and film director. His films deal with controversial issues of social class, morality, and sexual taboos, combining the emotionally tortured characters of Ingmar Bergman with the avant garde style of the French New Wave. He is best known as the director of the films ''491'' (1964), ''I Am Curious (Yellow)'' (in Swedish, "Jag är nyfiken – gul") (1967), and ''I Am Curious (Blue)'' ("Jag är nyfiken – blå") (1968), which stretched the boundaries of acceptability of what could then be shown on film, deliberately treating their subjects in a provocative and explicit manner. Provided by Wikipedia

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