Tom Grindberg

Tom Grindberg (born 3 November 1961) is a British comic book illustrator. His British comic book work includes ''2000 A.D. Presents'' #16-19 and ''Judge Dredd'' #10-11 for Fleetway in 1987.

Among his earliest DC Comics work was illustrating "Privilege", a five-page story in ''DC New Talent Showcase'' #12 (December 1984), an anthology series intended to provide work for up-and-coming artists who did not have a regular assignment. Grindberg's other DC work includes work on ''Action Comics'', ''Adventures of Superman'', ''Aquaman'', ''Azrael'', ''Detective Comics'', ''Batman'', ''Captain Atom'', ''Firestorm the Nuclear Man'', ''Green Lantern'', ''Hawk and Dove'', ''Checkmate'', and ''Ion''.

His Marvel Comics work includes ''Marvel Comics Presents'', ''Silver Surfer'', ''Daredevil'', and work on several ''Conan the Barbarian'' books, including ''Conan'', ''Conan Saga'', ''Conan the Savage'', and ''Savage Sword of Conan''.

Grindberg penciled and inked the 1996 ''Doom'' comic book, and also worked on ''Solar'' for Valiant Comics in 1995 with writer Dan Jurgens. Provided by Wikipedia

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