Tim Miller

Timothy or Tim Miller may refer to:

*Thomas I. Miller, president of Murray State University *Tim Miller (director), American film director, VFX artist and co-founder of Blur Studio *Tim Miller (ice hockey) (born 1987), American ice hockey player *Tim Miller (performance artist) (born 1958), American performance artist and writer *Tim Miller (poet) (born 1979), American poet and novelist *Tim Miller (politician) (born 1965), American politician and member of the Minnesota House of Representatives *Tim Miller (political strategist) (born 1981), American campaign consultant and critic of Donald Trump *Tim Miller (yoga teacher), director of the Ashtanga Yoga Center in Carlsbad, CA. *Timothy Miller (born 1944), American professor of Religious Studies at the University of Kansas *Timothy Miller, founder and project lead of the Open Graphics Project Provided by Wikipedia

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