Babelsberg Studio

Babelsberg Studio Babelsberg Film Studio () (also known as Studio Babelsberg), located in Potsdam-Babelsberg outside Berlin, Germany, is the second oldest large-scale film studio in the world only preceded by the Danish Nordisk Film (est. 1906), producing films since 1912. With a total area of about and a studio area of about it is one of Europe's large film studios.

Hundreds of films, including Fritz Lang's ''Metropolis'' and Josef von Sternberg's ''The Blue Angel'' were filmed there. More recent productions include ''V for Vendetta'', ''Captain America: Civil War'', ''Æon Flux'', ''The Bourne Ultimatum'', ''Valkyrie'', ''Inglourious Basterds'', ''Cloud Atlas'', ''The Grand Budapest Hotel'', ''The Hunger Games'', ''Isle of Dogs'' and ''The Matrix Resurrections''.

Today, Studio Babelsberg remains operational mainly for feature film productions. It also acts as producer on German productions and co-producer on international high-budget productions. Since January 2022 it has been owned by TPG Real Estate Partners (TREP) and Filmbetriebe Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB), and promoted as part of the platform Cinespace Film Studios. Provided by Wikipedia

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