Paul Dini

Dini in 2019 Paul McClaran Dini (; born August 7, 1957) is an American screenwriter and comic creator. He has been a producer and writer for several Warner Bros. Animation/DC Comics animated series, most notably ''Batman: The Animated Series'' (1992–1995), and the subsequent DC Animated Universe. Dini and Bruce Timm co-created the characters Harley Quinn and Terry McGinnis.

Dini began writing for Warner Bros. Animation on ''Tiny Toon Adventures''. In addition to ''Batman: The Animated Series'', Dini was a writer for ''Superman: The Animated Series'' (1996–2000), writer and co-creator for ''The New Batman Adventures'' (1997–1999), and writer and developer for ''Batman Beyond'' (1999–2001). He also co-created ''Freakazoid!'' (1995–1997) with Timm, produced ''Duck Dodgers'' (2003–2005), developed and scripted ''Krypto the Superdog'' (2005–2006). After leaving Warner Bros. Animation in early 2004, Dini went on to write and story edit the first season of the ABC adventure series ''Lost''. Dini wrote the storylines for the ''Batman: Arkham Asylum'' and ''Batman: Arkham City'' video games. In 2010, he created the live action drama series ''Tower Prep'' for Cartoon Network.

He has written a number of comic books for DC Comics. Dini and Timm collaborated on ''The Batman Adventures: Mad Love'', which won the Eisner Award for Best Single Story in 1994. Dini and illustrator Alex Ross created the graphic novels ''Superman: Peace on Earth'', ''Batman: War on Crime'', ''Shazam! Power of Hope'', and ''Wonder Woman: Spirit of Truth''. His original creations include Jingle Belle, Sheriff Ida Red, and Madame Mirage. Provided by Wikipedia

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