Mario Livio

Mario Livio at Festival della Scienza in Genova, 2017 Mario Livio (born June 19, 1945) is an astrophysicist and an author of works that popularize science and mathematics. For 24 years (1991–2015) he was an astrophysicist at the Space Telescope Science Institute, which operates the Hubble Space Telescope. He has published more than 400 scientific articles on topics including cosmology, supernova explosions, black holes, extrasolar planets, and the emergence of life in the universe.[!type%3Daqp%20v%3D%24fq_database%7D&fq_database=database%3A%20astronomy&p_=0&q=author%3A(%22Livio%2C%20M.%22)&sort=date%20desc%2C%20bibcode%20desc] His book on the irrational number ''phi'', ''The Golden Ratio: The Story of Phi, the World's Most Astonishing Number'' (2002), won the Peano Prize and the International Pythagoras Prize for popular books on mathematics. Provided by Wikipedia

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