Jorge Cham

Cham in 2018 Jorge Gabriel Cham (Spanish: [ˈxorxe]) (born 1976) is an engineer-turned cartoonist, writer and producer, who writes the web comic strip ''Piled Higher and Deeper'' (''PhD Comics''). Cham was born in Panama and lives in the United States, where he started drawing ''PhD Comics'' as a graduate student at Stanford University. He has since been syndicated in several university newspapers and in six published book collections. He was featured on NPR on December 20, 2010. With physicist Daniel Whiteson, he is the coauthor of ''We Have No Idea'' (2017), a book about unsolved problems in physics. In September 2018, Cham and Whiteson debuted the podcast ''Daniel and Jorge Explain the Universe'', produced by iHeartMedia, in which the hosts aim to explain popular questions and complex topics about science, technology, and the universe, in the simplest way possible. Cham co-creatored the PBS Kids animated series ''Elinor Wonders Why'', which premiered in September 2020. Provided by Wikipedia

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