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John Perkins

John Perkins may refer to: *John Perkins (Australian politician) (1878–1954), Australian politician *John Perkins (author) (born 1945), American author of ''Confessions of an Economic Hit Man'' *John Perkins (rugby union) (born 1954), Wales international rugby union player *John Perkins Jr. (1819–1885), American politician, son of John Perkins Sr. *John Perkins Sr. (1781–1866), American judge and planter *John Perkins (physician) (1698–1781), American physician and essayist *John M. Perkins (born 1930), American civil rights activist, American Christian minister, author *Johnny Perkins (1953–2007), American football receiver with the New York Giants *John Perkins (Royal Navy officer) (fl. 1775–1812), Captain, Napoleonic War *John Alanson Perkins (1914–1982), American academic administrator and government official *John Frederick Perkins (1910–1983), English entomologist *John Perkins (academic) (born 1950), British academic, engineering scientist and government adviser *John Astin Perkins (1907–1999), interior designer and architect *John Perkins (cricketer) (1837–1901), English cricketer Provided by Wikipedia
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