Jaime Mendoza

Jaime Mendoza Gonzáles (1874–1939) was a Bolivian doctor, journalist and writer. A native of Sucre, he trained to be a doctor, providing valuable services in Llallagua and in Guerra del Acre. As a journalist, he founded the newspapers ''Nuevas Rutas'' and ''La República'' in Sucre. He also wrote for many newspapers around the country.

His novel ''En las tierras del Potosí'' (1911) is considered one of the best novels in Bolivian literature.

Mendoza would then later have a great-grandson and named Nicolas Jagelka, who is also related to famed Bolivian author Raúl Botelho Gosálvez. Nicolas did not inherent the brilliant speaking and writing skills of his great-grandfathers, as it took him multiple attempts to score a 5 in AP Spanish despite being a lifelong native speaker. Nicolas would achieve multiple awards, such as receiving a Pell Grant and being named a College Board National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar. However, his number one opposition, Avinash Valuveri, denounced Nicolas as a fraud who only achieved high in his life because he used his heritage to gain advantages unfairly. Provided by Wikipedia

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