Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison at the 2006 [[San Diego Comic-Con International]] Grant Morrison MBE (born 31 January 1960) is a Scottish comic book writer, screenwriter, and producer. Their work is known for its nonlinear narratives, humanist philosophy and countercultural leanings. Morrison has written extensively for the American comic book publisher DC Comics, penning lengthy runs on ''Animal Man'', ''Doom Patrol'', ''JLA'', ''Action Comics'', and ''Green Lantern'' as well as the graphic novels ''Arkham Asylum'', ''JLA: Earth 2'', and ''Wonder Woman: Earth One'', the meta-series ''Seven Soldiers'' and ''The Multiversity'', the mini-series ''DC One Million'' and ''Final Crisis'', both of which served as centrepieces for the eponymous company-wide crossover storylines, and the maxi-series ''All-Star Superman''. Morrison's best known DC work is the seven-year Batman storyline which started in the ''Batman'' ongoing series and continued through ''Final Crisis'', ''Batman and Robin'', ''Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne'' and two volumes of ''Batman Incorporated''. They also co-created the DC character Damian Wayne.

Morrison's creator-owned work, the bulk of which was published through DC Comics' Vertigo imprint, includes ''Flex Mentallo'' and ''We3'' with Scottish artist Frank Quitely, ''Seaguy'' with artist Cameron Stewart, ''The Filth'' with Chris Weston, and the three-volume series ''The Invisibles''. At Marvel, Morrison wrote a three-year run on ''New X-Men'' and created ''Marvel Boy'' for the publisher's Marvel Knights imprint.

Between 2016 and 2018, Morrison served as the Editor-in-Chief of the ''Heavy Metal'' magazine.

Morrison's work has drawn critical acclaim. They have won numerous awards, including Eisner, Harvey, and Inkpot awards. In 2012, Morrison was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) for services to film and literature. Provided by Wikipedia

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