Geronimo Stilton

''Geronimo Stilton'' logo used since 2015. It is currently used in tandem with the last one. ''Geronimo Stilton'' is an Italian children's chapter book series created by Elisabetta Dami and written under the pen name of the title character. Scholastic Corporation began publishing the English version of the series in the US in February 2004. In the UK, the English books are published by Sweet Cherry Publishing. The series is set on a fictional version of Earth dominated by anthropomorphic mice and rats and focuses on the title character, a mouse who lives in New Mouse City on Mouse Island. A best-selling author in-universe, Geronimo Stilton, works as editor and publisher for the newspaper, ''The Rodent's Gazette''. He has a younger sister named Thea Stilton, a cousin named Trap Stilton, and a nephew, nine-year-old Benjamin Stilton. Geronimo is a nervous, mild-mannered mouse who prefers a quiet life, yet keeps getting into faraway adventures with Thea, Trap, and Benjamin in both fictional and real locations. The books are written as fictional memoirs of him on these adventures. The books are designed and distributed in full color, depicting important words in the text as colored and in illustrative typefaces.

The series, combined with many spin-off series, has sold over 180 million copies worldwide, and with over 200 entries. The series has also been adapted into an animated television series of the same name, theatrical shows, and video games. There are 309 books in total, including spin-offs. Provided by Wikipedia

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