Searchlight Pictures

Searchlight Pictures is an American film production and distribution arm of Walt Disney Studios, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company's Disney Entertainment division. Founded in 1994 as Fox Searchlight Pictures for 20th Century Fox (later 20th Century Studios), the studio focuses primarily on producing, distributing, and acquiring specialty films.

Notable Searchlight films includes ''Slumdog Millionaire'', ''12 Years a Slave'', ''Birdman'', ''The Shape of Water'', and ''Nomadland'', all of which have won an Academy Award for Best Picture. The studio has grossed over $5.3 billion worldwide and amassed 28 Golden Globe Awards, 51 BAFTA awards, and 46 Academy Awards. ''Slumdog Millionaire'' is the studio's largest commercial success, with over $377 million (US) of box office receipts, against a production budget of only $15 million.

Searchlight Pictures was one of the 21st Century Fox film production companies that was acquired by Disney in 2019. The studio's current name was adopted in order to avoid confusion with Fox Corporation. Compared to 20th Century Studios, whose distribution operations have folded into Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Searchlight retains its autonomous distribution unit. Provided by Wikipedia

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