Brian Tyler

Tyler in 2011 Brian Theodore Tyler (born May 8, 1972) is an American composer, conductor, musician, arranger, and record producer, best known for his film, television, and video game scores. In his 26-year career, Tyler has scored seven installments of the ''Fast & Furious'' franchise, ''Rambo'', ''Eagle Eye'', ''The Expendables trilogy'', ''Iron Man 3'', ''Now You See Me'', ''Avengers: Age of Ultron'' with Danny Elfman, ''Crazy Rich Asians'' and ''The Super Mario Bros. Movie'' among others. He also composed and re-arranged the current fanfare of the Universal Pictures logo, originally composed by Jerry Goldsmith, for Universal Pictures' 100th anniversary, which debuted with ''The Lorax'' (2012), and composed the 2013–2016 Marvel Studios logo, which debuted with ''Thor: The Dark World'' (2013), which he also composed the film's score. He composed the ''NFL Sunday Countdown Theme'' for ESPN and the Formula One theme (also used in Formula 2 and Formula 3). He is also behind the soundtrack of many television series including ''Yellowstone''. For his work as a film composer, he won the IFMCA Awards 2014 Composer of the Year.

His composition for the film ''Last Call'' earned him the first of three Emmy nominations, a gold record, and induction into the music branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As of November 2017, his films have grossed $12 billion worldwide, putting him in the top 10 highest-grossing film composers of all time. Provided by Wikipedia

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